I’m a writer; a movie, tv and anime lover and I adore cats.

I collect movies, buy way too many DVDs and wanted to share the crazies with the world.

I´ve been writing fiction for a few years now. Thought i´d share some of my stories here.

Take a look, read a bit and have a laugh!

Joana Teixeira


4 thoughts on “About

  1. HI! Nice to meet you. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog on diet, exercise and living post 100. I am a retired journalist, just into blogging since 2010. I recommend it. Great fun and you meet neat folks along the way. Much luck with your new venture!

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  2. By the way, Joana, you may be dating yourself. I, too, have tons of DVDs, not to mention more tons of CDs. But, I am an old man. I think the kids don’t even buy DVDs or CDs any more. They just stream their entertainment. Have a great day!

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  3. Sorry to say Tony, but I´m not a kid anymore (32)! I also have tons of CDs and I have no intention of getting rid of them. As for my DVD collection, for as long as they are available I´ll keep on getting them. I have a few blu rays as well but i love my DVDs.


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