The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 84

Missy, Jason´s girlfriend, arrives at his house with Amelia´s carrier in hand.

Jason opens the door and gives his girlfriend a “Hello” kiss.

Jason: Hey honey!
Missy: hey!

Jason: I see you brought Amelia with you.
Missy: I hope you don´t mind.
Jason:  I don´t.

Missy: Francis and Amelia get along so well, I thought they´d like some time together.
Jason: yeah, sure.

Missy follows Jason into the kitchen.

Francis enters the kitchen and spots Missy with Amelia´s carrier.

He immediately starts smiling like an idiot at the sight of his beloved.

Missy: Hey there Francis!

Francis nears the two.

She sets the carrier down on the floor and opens the door. Amelia doesn´t come out.

Missy looks inside and sees Amelia sound asleep.

Missy: well Francis, it looks like Amelia is still asleep.

She turns away, leaving behind a sleeping Amelia and a very curious Francis.

She doubles back.

Missy: Piece of advice, I´d let her sleep if I were you. She can be quite cranky if she doesn’t get her beauty sleep.

Cat: Okay…

Francis, the cat, starts to make way to her carrier, set on the floor, when he starts to hear a rocking sound. Like a 50 ton bulldozer.

Amelia: zzzzz,zzzzz,zzzzzz…

Pen: dang, she´s noisy!
Cat (screaming): Ah!

Francis jumps high into the air and lands on his face.

Cat: ouch…
Pen (screaming): Hello Francis!
Cat (quietly): Please shut up…
Pen: (screaming): I´m sorry, what was that?
Cat: shut up!

Pen: You shut up!
Cat: can you at least keep your voice down?
Pen: why?

Cat: Amelia´s sleeping.
Pen: did she swallow a machine gun?
Cat: No, she´s sleeping.

Pen: are you sure?
Cat: yes.

The pen peeks inside the carrier and as the horrific sound continues it “flinches”.

Pen: yikes! That cat snores like an elephant!
Cat: shut up!
Pen: How in the world can you sleep next to that bulldozer?

Cat: I don´t know what you´re talking about.
Pen: Oh I see…
Cat: see what?
Pen: ear plugs

Cat: ear what?
Pen: you´re either really stupid or you´re… (sys)… who am I kidding? You are stupid. No doubt there!

Cat: you´re the one who´s stupid!
Pen: No Francis, you! Always you.

Cat (irritated): Now you listen to me, you Pen from hell…

Francis stops talking when he notices the smile on the Pen´s “face”.

Cat (cont.): why are you grinning?
Pen: see ya!

The Pen “runs off”.

Pen (yelling/disappearing): …or not!

Francis gets a cold chill from head to paws.

Cat: Oh God!

He turns around to find and very angry Amelia.

Hair in the air, eyes red and angry as the devil, Amelia is fiercely facing Francis.

Francis, the cat, swallows in dry.

Cat: Hi honey…

To be continued…

2017_Joana Teixeira


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