The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 78

The Pen enters the room only to find Francis, the cat, fast asleep.

Francis has a bunny outfit on and is snoring, loudly.

The Pen smiles defiantly and approaches the sleeping cat.

Pen (yelling): Francis!
Cat: zzzz….

Pen: Oh Francis….
Cat:  zzzz….

Pen: Easter Bunny?
Cat: Easter´s over. Better luck next year.
Pen: what the hell are you talking about?

Cat: My duty´s done, till next year.
Pen: Duty? You´re a useless cat!

Francis raises his head and stares at the Pen, trying to keep his eyes open.

Cat: hell spawn, can´t you see?
Pen: see what?
Cat: I´m the Easter Bunny. Easter´s over, my job is done. Now let me sleep…

Pen: You´re a drunkard, that´s what you are.
Cat: Piss off!

Pen: Easter´s over Rabbit wrecked!
Cat: yes, this means I´m off duty.
Pen: what?

Cat: Easter´s over, so until next year, I´m on vacation.
Pen: you´re seriously demented, did you know that?
Cat: You´re just jealous.

Pen: jealous of what?
Cat: my cute fluffy ears.
Pen: Hey Patricia, they´re on backwards!

Cat (looks): No, they´re not. And who the hell is Patricia?
Pen: I´m a Pen, how the heck should I know?
Cat: then why did you call me Patricia?
Pen: It seemed appropriate.

Cat: You´re seriously damaged.
Pen: Takes one to know one Bubba!
Cat: who?
Pen: You! You have a serious drinking problem.

Cat: yes. It´s true I have a serious problem. It´s called Pen, You!
Pen: Francis?
Cat: who´s Francis?

Pen: You are.
Cat: I told you, I´m the Easter Bunny. My name is Mr. Freckles.
Pen: You wish! You´re a cat; A demented, drunkard cat, but a cat none the less.

Cat: Prove it!
Pen: your ears are on backwards.
Cat: So? I´m a special bunny.
Pen: Oh you´re special alright. A special kind of crazy!

Cat (ignoring the Pen´s snide remark): they´re on backwards so I can´t listen to your nonsense.
Pen: How´s that working out for you?

Cat: well… you´re a demonic Pen, so I guess not very well…
Pen: Ha!
Cat: I´m off duty, go away!
Pen: Crazy ball of fur…

Notices Francis has dozed off again.

Cat:  zzzz….
Pen: Cat? Francis?


Pen: Easter Bunny?
Cat (slurring): … go away…

Pen: There was probably alcohol in something you ate. Ha! Ha! Ha! Mr. Freckles? Ha! I´m going to save that one for latter. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Cat: Pen from hell!

The end!

2017_Joana Teixeira


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