The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 77

Francis, the cat, is an incredibly smart cat or at least that´s what he believes.

Francis is on Jason´s desk at his computer.

The Pen comes along and watches him intently.

Cat: what do you want?
Pen: a million dollars!
Cat: yeah, go rob a bank or something…

Pen: what´re you doing?
Cat: None of your business.
Pen: Jason´s going to be mad if he finds you messing with his computer.
Cat: I´m not going to tell him.

Pen: I would but…
Cat: you’re a figment of my imagination and only I have the displeasure of listening to you?
Pen: something like that. Anyways, what are you doing?

Cat: why do you always ask the dumbest of questions?
Pen: I think you´re confused.
Cat: confused with what?
Pen: between you and me, you´re the dumb one!

Cat: I…
Pen: precisely!
Cat: go away!
Pen: what are you doing?

Cat: Huh! Fine! If you really want to know, I´ll tell you.
Pen: okay.
Cat: Okay what?

Pen: you can tell me.
Cat: tell you what?
Pen: whatever it is that you want to tell me.
Cat: I don´t want to tell you anything.

Pen: then why did you say you were going to tell me?
Cat: You´re trying to upset me aren´t you?
Pen: is it working?
Cat: I hate you!

Pen: love you too fur ball!
Cat: I´m updating my facebook status.
Pen: what facebook status?
Cat: The one I have on facebook!

Pen: I didn´t know you had a facebook profile.
Cat: and just what make you think you know everything about me?

Pen: I´m your one and only stalker, I know everything about you.
Cat: You´re demented.
Pen: we´ve had this conversation before Francis.
Cat: what conversation.

Pen: we´ve established. You´re the demented one!
Cat: I hate you!
Pen: any who, why are you updating your status? Did you eat a rotten apple or something?
Cat: what?

Pen: I figured, you´re so vain, you probably post all of your business on you page. You know, woke up, ate, slept some more, chased a butterfly, licked my own butt. Stuff like that.

Cat: I think you´re confusing me with someone else.
Pen: Mmm… Nope. You! Always you.

Cat: Please go away.
Pen: why, am I intruding in your Francis appreciation moment?
Cat: one of these days I´m going to bury somewhere no one will ever find you again.
Pen: keep on dreaming. You´ve tried that before remember?

Cat: You´re like a zombie.
Pen: that just keeps on living!
Cat: more like drains the happiness out of my life.

Pen: you don´t mean that.
Cat: oh but I do.
Pen: you´re one mean cat!

Cat: Pen from hell!
Pen: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Cat: why are you laughing?

Pen: because I´m happy.
Cat: because you´re annoying me?
Pen: yes.

Francis turns his back to the Pen and goes back to his facebook business.

Pen: Francis?
Cat: go away.
Pen: but… I don´t want to!

Suddenly Francis starts to laugh.

Pen (curious): why are you laughing, you crazy cat.

Francis moves out of the way and shows the Pen the computer monitor.

It shows a picture of the Pen with a note that says “Pen from Hell”.

The cat looks at the Pen, incredibly proud.

Pen: why are you smiling you weird cat?
Cat: Now everyone will know about you.

The Pen “sys” and shakes its head.

Pen: Francis, the only thing everyone will know from now on is just how incredibly demented you are.

Cat: I beg your pardon?
Pen: No need to beg, I´ll gladly tell you.

Francis shakes his head in annoyance.

Pen: You just showed the world just how insane you truly are.
Cat: you forgot to take your morning pills didn´t you?
Pen: Francis, you just posted on your facebook page about a pen that haunts your life.
Cat (not getting it): yes…

Pen: and you don´t think that´s crazy?
Cat: what is?
Pen: A pen that annoys you.
Cat: but… you do annoy me.

Pen: oh for heaven´s sake! Forget it! I give up! You truly are stupid!
Cat: Just go away and leave me be.
Pen: you´re the one who skipped on your morning medication, for like the past five years.
Cat: I’m only three.

Pen: yeah, just keep telling yourself that.
Cat: I hate you!
Pen: love you too, crazy ball of fur…

The end!

2017_Joana Teixeira


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