The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 73

Francis, the cat, is outside in his backyard resting after having done absolutely nothing.

Amelia (from inside the house): Francis! Francis! Francis!

Francis opens one eye but he´s so wasted he can´t muster the strength to open the other eye, let alone answer her.

Cat (slurring his words): What…?

He closes his eyes again, hoping it had been a dream.

No such luck as Amelia comes outside.

Amelia: Francis!

Francis manages to open one eye and spot an enraged Amelia.

He crawls in the same place and turns his back to her thinking she would leave.

Cat: let me sleep…
Amelia: didn´t you hear me calling you?

Cat: zzzz….
Amelia (yelling): Francis!

Francis raises his head and turns it to face Amelia.

Cat (annoyed): what do you want?
Amelia: Didn´t you hear me calling you?

Cat: I heard… something.
Amelia: It was me, calling you.
Cat: Really? I thought I had imagined it.

Amelia: You didn´t!
Cat: Oh well…
Amelia: Francis!

Cat: Agh! What? What do you want? Can´t you see I´m trying to sleep?
Amelia: I´m right here!
Cat: so what?

Amelia: So what? Excuse me! I´m your girlfriend! I´m in your house and instead of spending time with me, you´re over here, sleeping.

Cat: I had a long day, I´m tired.
Amelia: It´s noon!
Cat: whatever…

Amelia jumps on the chair where Francis is laying.

He feels a cold chill from head to paws from her death glare.

Francis raises his head carefully and swallows in dry.

He looks to find her glaring at him.

Cat: hi…
Amelia: hi my butt! What the hell were you doing all night long?
Cat: Nothing.

Amelia: Francis, I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again: I don´t have a lot of patience!
Cat: I didn´t forget.
Amelia: Then what the hell…
Cat (interrupting): It was Billy.

Amelia: What?
Cat: Billy´s a male cat that lives on the street at the end of the road. He came to talk to me last night. He needed to unwind.

Amelia: what?
Cat: he just found out he´s going to be a dad, so he was stressing out.
Amelia: so you spent the night with him?

Cat: yeah. He’s a nice cat and a long time friend. He needed to talk so I listened and we had a few drinks.

Amelia: You drank the whole bottle you mean.
Cat (ignoring the snide remark): and this morning he went home.
Amelia: that was really nice of you.

Cat: I’m sorry dear; I was up the whole night.
Amelia: yes, of course. I´ll let you get some rest. What you did for your friend was really nice Francis.

Cat: yeah, but I didn´t get to sleep.
Amelia: sleep now. I have to go anyways. We´ll catch up some other time.
Cat: absolutely. Bye darling.

Amelia leaves and Francis resumes his nap, or at least that was the plan.

Pen: you little cheater!
Cat: I didn´t cheat!
Pen: Oh no?

Cat: No.
Pen: I know Billy from the house at the end of the street is a girl!
Cat: you´re thinking a different Billy.
Pen: No, I´m not!

Cat: he´s new. You don´t know him.
Pen: Liar, liar, pants on fire!
Cat: I don´t wear pants. Ha!
Pen: fine, your tail then.

Cat: go away!
Pen: I´m telling Amelia about Billy.
Cat: no, you´re not.

Pen: Oh no?
Cat: No.
Pen: how can you be so sure?

Cat: you say a word to Amelia about Billy and I´ll bury you again in the yard.
Pen: ha! Jason will just dig me up again.
Cat: Next door´s backyard.

Pen: Nice kitty! Oh yeah, I remember Billy! Huge, imposing. Nice dude. I remember him.
Cat: yeah, that´s the one.

Francis goes back to sleep and the Pen glides away.

Pen (whispering): cheater!
Cat: I heard you.
Pen: crap!

The Pen disappears.

Francis is left alone to sleep, a huge smile on his face.

The end!

2017_Joana Teixeira


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