The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 71

Francis, the cat, is by the window, deep in thought, as unbelievable as that might seem.

The Pen shows up.

Pen: Hey there fur ball!
Cat: Hey…
Pen: It´s raining.

Cat: were you always this big of a genius?
Pen: of course, why do you ask?

Francis just stares at the Pen uninterested.

Pen: why so grumpy?
Cat: It´s raining?
Pen: so what?

Cat: It’s raining, so I can´t go outside…
Pen: why would you want to go outside? I thought you liked being indoors?
Cat: as much as I like being indoors, on occasion I do like going outside. It’s been a few days since I´ve gone out and its driving me nuts.

Pen: Francis, glad to say, you were always nuts, that has nothing to do with it.
Cat: shut up!

Pen: But… why do you want to go out so badly?
Cat (avoiding the question): No reason…

Pen: Kitty?
Cat: I told you, it´s nothing.
Pen: You know I´ll find out sooner or later. You should just tell me.
Cat: No.

Pen: why not?
Cat: Because you´ll just rat me out to Amelia.
Pen (shocked): Francis, did you meet another cat?

Cat (embarrassed): Maybe…
Pen: You cheater!
Cat: I didn´t cheat! I just talked to her and she´s really nice.
Pen: But… what about Amelia?

Cat: what about Amelia?
Pen: wrecked cat, you have a girlfriend!
Cat:  No! What I have is a demonic female that uses and abuses me whenever she wants and threatens to kill me when I try to do the same thing.

Pen: what´s the difference?
Cat:  the difference is…  oh just forget it! You´re a stick!
Pen: And you are one rude cat and a cheater!
Cat: I didn´t cheat!

Pen: Oh no?
Cat: No. I just talked to her. And you know what? It´s nice to have a conversation with someone without having her threaten to rip your head off for a change.

Pen: so there is a “her”?
Cat: Yes, but now just go away. I need to think.
Pen: careful pussycat. You better “tell” Jason to turn off those smoke detectors.

Cat: what? Why?
Pen: The moment you start thinking too hard, smoke starts to come out of your ears.
Cat: I hate you!
Pen: You love me!

Cat: No I don´t!
Pen: you really believe that, don´t you?
Cat: Believe what?
Pen: That you don´t love me.

Cat: I don´t!
Pen: yes, you do.
Pen: You LOVE ME!

Cat: No, I don´t!
Pen: You always get this grumpy when it´s raining.
Cat: yes, I do.
Pen: Why?

Cat: Heck if I know. I´m a cat.
Pen: You´re a wrecked cat.

Francis turns around to face the Pen but it’s gone.

Cat: finally, silence…

Gets up and walks away.

Cat: still, I better pray Amelia never finds out or I´ll be a dead pussycat.

Amelia: find out what?

To be continued…

2017_Joana Teixeira


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