The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 63

Francis, the cat arrives home in Amelia’s company.

Missy is at the door looking for the two cats who in her mind have disappeared to God knows where.

Missy: Amelia? Oh thank God! Where the hell have you been? I should have known you´d be out looking for Francis.

Amelia: So what?

Missy: Honey, I´m sorry but we have to leave. I´m already late.
Amelia: How´s that my problem?
Cat: It´s okay. Thank you for coming to my rescue. You should go with her.

Amelia: But…
Cat: Really Amelia, I´m okay now.
Amelia: You promise?
Cat: yes dear. We´ll catch up some other time.

Amelia: Just make sure you get some rest, okay?
Cat: yes, I will. Thank you.

Amelia nears Francis and he fearfully closes his eyes and stays put.

She nudges against him and gives him a kiss.

He flashes his eyes open and blushes furiously.

Amelia: I´ll make sure to take care of you some other time okay?
Cat: yeah… okay…

Missy: Okay, okay. Come on lover girl.

Missy picks up Amelia and puts her in her car.

Francis watches as they drive away.

As the cat enters his house, exhausted, the Pen comes over to meet him.

Pen (screaming): where the hell have you been?
Cat: nice to see you too…

Francis walks away passing right by the Pen.

Pen: Wait!
Cat: what do you want?
Pen: How about a thank you?
Cat: Thank you for what?

Pen: For saving your sorry ass!
Cat: What are you talking about? You didn´t save me; Raul, Rafael and Amelia did!

Pen: What? Idiot cat, who do you think enlisted Raul´s help?

Cat: Now that you mention it, how did Raul and the rest know that I was gone?
Pen: stupid cat, how do you wonder?
Cat: No! You? You were the one who told Raul I was gone as asked for his help?

Pen (very proud): yes!
Cat: why would you do that?
Pen: Because you were in trouble.
Cat: But you hate me.

Pen: No I don´t.
Cat: You mock me constantly!
Pen: In an affectionate way.

Cat: Oh I see.
Pen: see what?
Cat: You´re in love with me!

Pen: stupid ball of fur, are you retarded?
Cat: You can call me as many names as you want but you were afraid for me.
Pen: No I wasn´t.

Cat: yes, you were. You thought I was going to die so you called Raul and asked for his help.
Pen: well, I was afraid you´d be killed, and I didn´t want that to happen.
Cat: because you´re in love with me!
Pen: Because I´d lose my main source of entertainment.

Cat: What entertainment?
Pen: Mocking you!

Francis smiles defiantly and nears the Pen.

Pen: What are you doing?

Francis nudges the Pen slightly.

Pen (fearful): Wha…
Cat (whispering): Thank you…

Francis walks away from the Pen.

Pen (blushing): stupid cat, did those men knock you in the head?
Cat: I need to take a nap. Bye.

Francis leaves the room.

Pen: That cat is crazy!

The Pen starts looking everywhere making sure no one can see “it”.

Pen: But I am glad you´re okay.

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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