The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 62_part 3

Previously on the Drunken Cat and the Possessed Pen:

Raul: You´re not going to kill me?
Amelia: Don´t be ridiculous, how would I ever cook you?

Rafael: They stopped outside of town, in an old abandoned warehouse.

Rafael: wrecked cat, we´re here to rescue you so shut it okay?


Inside the factory:

Francis waits expectantly.

He knows his friends are outside, planning his rescue.


Raul, Rafael and Amelia are ready to go in and rescue the crazy cat.

Raul: Rafael, you know what you need to do.
Rafael: yeah, yeah. Leave it to me.

Raul: Amelia, I think it´s best for you to stay here.
Amelia: No way! I want to go too.
Raul: Amelia, Francis would never forgive us if something were to happen to you.

Amelia: But…
Rafael: Just look at it this way, if we fail…
Raul: Rafael, don´t scare her.

Rafael: Just listen, if we fail for some reason, you´ll still be able to get help.
Raul: That´s actually smart.
Rafael:  I know.

Amelia: Okay, but please bring him back.
Raul: don´t worry dear, we will.

Amelia is left alone, scared.

Amelia (almost a whisper): Please be safe…

Raul and Rafael go to the side of the building to try and find an opening.
Raul finds a hole on the wall and gets inside while Rafael flies over to the window he had used earlier.


Raul enters the factory and starts exploring, looking for Francis.

From above, Rafael enters as well.

Raul spots him by the window.

Rafael sees him as well and signals him to his right, to where Francis is being held.

Raul starts to run towards the cage, going through discarded boxes and trash.

He reaches the cage where Francis is being held.

Raul: Pst… Francis!

Francis turns his head to find his rodent friend. He rushes to him albeit being separated by steel.

Cat: Oh Raul, thank God you´re here!
Raul: hey, are you okay?
Cat: yeah.

Raul: did they hurt you?
Cat: No.
Raul: Then why did they take you?

Cat: These two idiots broke into my house to rob the place and I bit one of them.
Raul: so this is payback?
Cat: yeah, I believe so.

Raul: don´t worry we´ll get you out.
Cat: Thank you.

Rafael flies over and lands above their heads.

Rafael: If you ladies are done catching up, shouldn´t we try and find a way to open that metal box.

Raul looks at the door and finds that there´s a chain with a padlock on it.

He smiles, but before he can do anything the two men come back.

Thief #2: what do you want to do to the cat?
Thief #1: cook it!
Thief #2: Just stop. Let him go.
Thief #1: No! He bit me!

Thief #2: You broke into his house. What did you expect, tea and cookies?
Thief #1: I know. Shut up!
Thief #2: you shut up!
Thief #1: Don´t tell me to shut up, you…

Thief #1 notices Thief #2 is distracted by something.

Thief #1: What?

Thief #2 points in Raul´s direction.

Thief #1 (screaming): Ahhh…!  Oh my God! That´s a RAT!

Thief #2 joins Thief #1 screaming.

Raul smiles defiantly.

Thief #1: You idiot!
Thief #2: I´m sorry!

Raul: Oh, so you two are afraid of rats. Good to know.

The two men look at Raul who is walking towards them, calmly.

They hug each other for comfort.

Thief #1: oh my god! He´s coming this way!
Thief #2: what does it want?
Thief #1: How the hell should I know!

Thief #2: wait… we have a cat!
Thief #1: oh no!
Thief #2: Think about it! Cat vs Rat! Cats chase Rats! Cats eat Rats!
Thief #1: you´re right!

Raul rushes to the thieves, while at the same time clearing their way to the cage where Francis is being held.

Thief #1 rushes to the cage and hurries to open the door so that the cat can get out and in his mind, chase and kill the rat.

Thief #2: Hurry up!
Thief #1: Just hold a minute will you? I have several keys here.

Thief #2: It’s tuning around! Open that thing already!
Thief #1:  I´m going as fast as I can. There!

Thief #1 manages to open the door and out comes Francis.

Raul smiles as he watches Francis smirk while being released.

Cat: Clever!
Raul: You´re welcome.

Thief #1: go kitty cat, kill!

Cat: are you high? Why would I do that?

Francis takes his time getting to Raul.

Thief #1: It´s not doing anything. Why is he not doing anything?
Thief #2: Maybe he´s afraid of the rat.

Raul and Francis come face to face.

Then they turn and face the two men in front of them.

Thief #1: what are they doing?
Thief #2: why aren´t they fighting?
Thief #1: why aren´t they killing each other?

Thief #2: I don´t know.

Raul and Francis get side by side, facing the two men. They smile.

Cat: shall we?
Raul: I think we shall.

Thief #1 smacks Thief #2 in the head.

Thief #2: ouch! Why did you do that for?
Thief #1: “Cat vs Rat! Cats chase Rats! Cats eat Rats!”

Thief #2: How the hell was I supposed to know that they were friends?
Thief #1: what are they doing?
Thief #2: How the hell should I know?

Thief #1: Oh crap!

Thief #2 rushes inside the cage and drags Thief #1 with him. They close the door.

Raul, the rat and Francis, the cat reach the cage and look at the two men who are ridiculously scared.

Francis hisses at them.

Raul: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Cat: Thank you for that.
Raul: Hey, what are friends for?

Rafael: cough, cough. You two ladies want to get out of here or are you planning to stay for tea and cookies.

Thief #2: There´s a bird!
Thief #1: A cat, a rat and a bird? Are you kidding me?
Thief #2: Told you we should have never gotten back to get that cat!
Thief #1: Please shut up!

Raul: Let’s get out of here.

The two friends, cat and rat turn their backs to the thieves and walk away.

Rafael, the bird flies away, leaving through the same window he came in.

Thief #1: They´re getting away!
Thief #2: Oh for heaven´s sake. Let them go!

After a while

Thief #1: They left.
Thief #2: Good. Now let’s get out of this cage.

Thief #2 moves to get out of the cage but the door is tight shut.

Thief #2: Open the door.
Thief #1: You open it!
Thief #2: I don´t have the key.
Thief #1: I don´t have it either.

Thief #2: but the padlock is on the table.
Thief #1: I used a padlock because I didn´t have the key.

Thief #2 knocks Thief #1 on the head.

Thief #1: hey, that hurt!
Thief #2: we´re locked in here!
Thief #1: don´t worry Pete should be here any minute now.
Thief #2: Pete went to see his mother upstate. He won´t be back until Monday.

Thief #1: Oh crap!
Thief #2: Fart and I swear I´ll kill you!
Thief #1: You are so mean!

Thief #2: I hate you!
Thief #1: It´s mutual!

Thief #2 knocks Thief #1 in the head.

Thief #1: Au! That hurt.

They start to fight, like girls. Hands up shaking them up and down and looking to the sides, afraid to touch one another.

Until Thief #1 bites Thief #2.

Thief #2: I can´t believe you just bit me!


When Francis finally reaches Amelia, she rushes to his side and starts to kiss him.

Amelia: Did those bad men hurt you?

Noticing Amelia´s despair and concern for him, Francis looks at Rafael and Raul, confused.

They both shrug at him.

Francis looks back at Amelia.

Cat: I´ll be okay… someday…
Amelia: what do you mean? Francis did those men hurt you?
Cat (whining): It was awful. They were so mean!
Amelia: oh you poor thing.

Cat: I was so scared. I thought I was going to die! They were huge and mean and violent.
Amelia (interrupting): shush. You´re safe now. Let´s get you home.

Cat: yes, but…
Amelia: no buts. Let’s go home and I´ll take care of you.
Cat: you will?

Amelia: Of course. Come on.
Cat: wait… Raul, Rafael, thank you.

Raul: No problem Francis. Just glad you´re okay.
Rafael: yeah pussy cat. You´re alright.
Cat: Thank you both. Really! It´s good to know I have good friends I can count on.

Rafael: There you go again with the nonsense, calling us friends. We “ain´t” friends pussy cat. We´re mortal enemies!

Raul: oh be quiet Rafael! Go on home Francis. Take good care of him Amelia.
Amelia: I will. And thank you.
Raul: You´re welcome. It was very nice to meet you.
Amelia: You too.

Francis: thank you.

Amelia and Francis turn and leave.

Rafael: that crazy cat. Calling us friends. He´s nuts!
Raul: we are friends. Stop bitching. I need you to help me find my way home.
Rafael: Oh man! Why do I have to do everything? By the way, did you notice?

Raul: what?
Rafael (mocking): “oh I was so scared!”
Raul: wasn´t he?
Rafael: Oh please! Dude was bored out of his mind.

Raul: Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, that´s Francis!
Rafael: He´s a crazy cat.
Raul: Just admit it, you like him.
Rafael:  No I don´t! He´s a fluff ball! I don´t trust him.

Raul: he´s alright.
Rafael: He´s crazy. Plus that girl is scary!
Raul: Oh yeah…

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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