The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 62_part 2

Previously on the Drunken Cat and the Possessed Pen:

Thief #1: You´re a nice kitty, aren´t you?

Cat: Moth balls!

Too late as the thief puts a bag over him and gets him inside.

Pen: Raul, someone took Francis!

Raul looks behind him and finds Amelia right in his face.

He swallows in dry, petrified.


Raul, the rat, turns around to find Amelia, the female cat, staring right at him.

Raul: Hello?
Amelia (angry): who took Francis?
Raul: You´re not going to kill me?

Amelia: What? Why would I do that?
Raul: To eat me!
Amelia: Don´t be ridiculous, how would I ever cook you?

Raul looks at Rafael.

Rafael: who´re you?
Amelia: who´re you?
Rafael: I asked you first!

Pen: Amelia, dear, this is Raul, the rat. And this is Rafael.
Amelia: I don´t care. Where is Francis?
Rafael: Rude much!

Amelia sends him a “don´t mess with me” look that makes Rafael take a couple of steps back, scared.

Rafael: I´m flying out of here. I´m Mexican kitty cat, that stuff is bad for felines.

Amelia: where is Francis? What is going on?

Raul looks at the Pen, who nods him to answer, but the rodent remains silent.

Pen: You two can relax. This is Amelia, she´s Francis´s girlfriend.
Raul: Nice to meet you dear.
Amelia: who are you calling dear, you…

Pen (interrupting): Amelia, Francis is in trouble.
Amelia: What kind of trouble?
Raul: he was kidnapped.

Amelia: Kidnapped by whom?
Pen: A few weeks ago, a thief broke into our house and Francis threw himself at him, chasing him away.

Amelia: Francis? That useless fluff ball?
Rafael: My words exactly!

Raul: Rafael!
Amelia: well, where is he?
Rafael: Just curious, you´re not going to chase and kill us?

Amelia: what? Of course not!
Raul: seriously, you´re not helping.
Rafael: Hey, I´m worried for my safety, socializing with cats isn´t healthy for birds. Just saying.

Raul: stop bitching.
Amelia: where is Francis?
Raul: Rafael here was able to follow the car.

Rafael: They stopped outside of town, in an old abandoned warehouse.
Amelia: cliché much!
Rafael: sad but true.

Amelia: what are we waiting for? Let´s go get that useless ball of fur.
Raul: Rafael shows us the way.
Rafael: why do I have to do everything?

Amelia: show us where Francis is or I´m going to chew your head off!
Rafael: Okay, okay! Try and keep up.
Pen: Guys, bring him back…
Raul: don´t worry, we will.

Rafael flies off, and Amelia and Raul chase after him from the ground.

Inside the Factory:

Thief #2 goes over to Francis and gives him a water bowl.

Francis goes over, smells it and looks at the thief.

Cat: don´t you have something better that this?
Thief #2: I´m sorry for my friend, but you bit him really hard.
Cat: And I´m going to bite him again, I promise you!

On the street:

Rafael is flying towards the warehouse.

Down below, Amelia and Raul are chasing as fast as they can, trying to keep up.

Raul: are you alright? Do you need a moment?
Amelia: I´m a cat! Let´s go!
Raul: Okay…

They find Rafael sitting on a tree branch.

Raul: why did you stop?
Rafael: This is it.
Amelia: this old place?

Raul: Can you go and check if he´s okay?
Rafael: why do have to do everything?

Amelia is petrified.

Raul: Are you okay?
Amelia: do you think they hurt him?
Raul: don´t worry dear, Francis is tougher than he looks. I´m sure he´s alright.

Raul signals Rafael to go.

Amelia: you really think so?
Raul (smiling): sure.


Francis is actually more bored that he is scared.

He sys in annoyance.

He hears a knock on the window over his head.

Cat: Rafael?

Francis jumps on a wooden box and then another. He nearly falls but is able to regain back his balance.

With his paw he is able to push the window open to the side.

Cat: Rafael? How did you find me here?
Rafael: Raul called me and I was able to chase the car here.
Cat: Raul? Wait, how do you know each other?

Rafael: wrecked cat, we´re here to rescue you so shut it okay?
Cat: Okay… Thank you, but how?

Rafael: don´t know. He and your girl are talking it over.
Cat: My girl?


Cat: Amelia´s here?
Rafael: yeah, that is one crazy chick!
Cat: so I´ve been told.

Rafael: Anyways, rest assured. You´ll be home in no time.

Rafael turns to leave.

Cat: Rafael?
Rafael: what?
Cat: Thank you.

Rafael: we´re not going to hug or anything, okay?
Cat: yeah. But still… thank you.

Rafael goes out the window and flies off.

Thief #1: Hey fluff ball, what are you doing over there?
Cat: I´m going to bite you so hard, you´ll remember last time as a goodnight kiss from your mommy!

To be continued…

2016_Joana Teixeira


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