The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 62_part 1

Francis, the cat, is sound asleep in his bed.

The backdoor opens and someone comes in.

This person slowly walks over to Francis.

Cat (groggy): Jason, is that you?

Thief #1: You´re a nice kitty, aren´t you?
Cat: Kitty? Are you drunk?

Francis´s nose goes up in the air as he senses something awful.

His eyes flash open as realization strikes him.

Cat: Moth balls!

Too late as the thief puts a bag over him and gets him inside.

The cat struggles from inside the bag.

Cat: You? Who are you? Why are you doing this?
Thief # 1: not so tough now are you cat from hell?
Cat: Moth balls? What the hell do you want with me?

Thief #1: you and I are going for a walk.
Cat: If you wanted to take me for a walk, you could have just invited me. Why do I need to be inside a bag for that? I´ll have you know I have a carrier for that.

Thief #1: You can bitch and moan all you want.

Thief #1 exits the house same way he came in, through the back door, Francis in hand. His partner is inside a van, waiting for him.

From the window, the Pen watches by, terrified.

Pen: Oh no!

The Pen “rushes outside.


Pen (yelling): Raul? Are you here?

Something moves in the bushes and out comes Raul.

He notices the Pen is panicking and frightened.

Raul: Oh, hello. Did you call for me?
Pen: Raul? Oh thank God you´re here.
Raul (worried): what´s the matter dear?

Pen: Raul, someone took Francis!
Raul: who took Francis?
Pen: A few weeks ago, someone broke into our house and Francis, albeit being a coward, bit him. Now he came back and took him.

Raul: Do you know who this person is?
Pen: No. He started stealing things and putting them in a bag. Francis got mad and threw himself at the man.

Raul: Really? Francis? He´s so peaceful.
Pen: He was robbing his house.
Raul: I see your point.

Pen: And now he came back and took Francis. Raul, I´m afraid he might hurt him.
Raul: wait here.

Raul rushes to the other side of the house, near the trees.

Raul (looking up): Rafael? Are you here?
Rafael (from inside his nest): What?
Raul: come out. Something happened and I need your help.

Rafael, the bird, comes out.

Rafael (bitching): do you know what time it is? It´s late, what do you want?
Raul: we need your help!
Rafael (looking at the rat like he´s an alien): Help with what?

Raul: Someone kidnapped Francis!
Rafael: And how´s that my problem?
Raul: He´s going to hurt him!

Rafael: Again I ask…
Raul (interrupting): Oh for heaven´s sake, chase that car and quit whining. Let us know where it goes.

Rafael: He´s a cat, you´re a rat. What do you care?
Raul: He´s my friend.
Rafael: everybody here is crazy.

Raul: Are you going to help us or not?
Rafael: Okay, okay! Don´t get your panties in a fuss. Geez!

A car engine is heard.

Rafael, the bird flies off. From above he chases the car, keeping a close watch.

Inside the car:

Thief #2: I can´t believe this was the reason you wanted to go back to that house! Seriously? The cat?

Thief #1: He bit me!
Thief #2: You broke into his house. What did you expect? For him to invite you for tea and cookies?

Thief #1: Yeah, well… You´d be mad too if he had bit you as hard as he bit me. I couldn´t sit for a week. It still hurts!

Thief #2: What are you going to do with it?
Thief #1(wicked grin): Ha! Ha! Ha!

From inside the bag, Francis listens in on the conversation, horrified.

Outside. Above the car:

Rafael flies over the car, chasing it.

In the backyard:

Raul: don´t worry dear, we´ll get Francis back.
Pen: You really think so?
Raul: yes.

Pen: Thank you.
Raul: No worries, he´s my friend too.

Rafael comes back.

Raul: why are you back so soon? Did you lose them?
Rafael: Of course not! Who do you take me for?
Raul: So?

Rafael: They stopped outside of town. In an old abandoned factory.
Pen: Oh no!
Raul: Don´t worry, we´ll get him back.

Rafael (clueless): what are you talking about? I´m not worried.
Raul: nothing, I wasn´t talking to you.

At the house:

Jason arrives home, carrier in hand.

Jason: Okay sweetheart. There you go.

He sets the cat carrier on the floor. Opens the door and out comes Amelia.

Jason (cont.): I´m sure Francis is around here somewhere. I have to go. Try not to kill my cat, okay?
Amelia: I´m not making any promises.

Jason leaves and Amelia starts to walk around, looking for Francis, even though she would never admit it.

No cat. No Francis.

Amelia: Huh! Looks like he´s not home.

Amelia hears some noises as she approaches the back door and curiosity gets the best of her.

Amelia: what is going on?


Raul: I need you to show me where that factory is. If they are keeping Francis there…

Raul stops talking when he notices Rafael´s frightened expression.

Raul: what?

Rafael is speechless and can only signal for Raul to look behind him.

Raul looks behind him and finds Amelia right in his face.

He swallows in dry, petrified.

To be continued…

2016_Joana Teixeira


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