12 Must watch movies 2017

If you´ve stumbled here, on my blog before, or if this is your first time (welcome!), then you must know that I love watching movies.

I´ve compiled a list of the ones that I´m looking forward to watching come 2017.

Take a look and if you think you might have any suggestions of other movies I might enjoy and, or should add to this list please let me know in the comments.

  1. Underworld – Blood wars – January 6th
  2. XXX – The return of Xander cage – January 20th
  3. Resident evil –Final chapter – January 27th
  4. Logan (x-men) – March 3rd
  5. Beauty and the beast – March 17th
  6. Fast and furious 8 –April 14th
  7. Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 – May 5th
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – Dead Men tell no tales – May 26th
  9. Wonder woman – June 2nd
  10. Transformers – the last knight – June 23rd
  11. Thor (3) – Ragnarok  – July 28th
  12. Justice League – November 17th

Happy watching!


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