The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 60.5

The bird flies over to Jason´s house and decides to stop on a branch in his backyard.

He jumps to the floor looking for seeds. As he starts to notice movement coming from inside the house, he gets closer to the door, thinking about jumping on one of the windows and peeking in.

Before he can move again someone or something comes out. The bird hides behind some leafs and watches as a big rat exits the house.

The bird is about to turn around when he comes face to face with the said rat.

Bird (screaming): Ah!
Raul: Oh, hello.
Bird: Hello? Who´re you?

Raul: I´m Raul, and you dear?
Bird: Dear? Are you crazy?
Raul: No, I´m Raul.

Bird: No I meant… ah never mind.
Raul: Can I help you with something? If you´re looking for Francis, he´s not home right now.
Bird: Who´s Francis?

Raul: The cat that lives here.
Bird: Oh, you mean the crazy fur ball that hallucinates conversations with a pen.
Raul: Oh no. The pen is very real I assure you.

Bird: Is everyone in that house crazy? Or is that just something you guys drink?
Raul: I don´t think I understand what you´re talking about.
Bird: That crazy cat has visions of a pen that haunts him and apparently you see it too. I have to get out of this neighborhood. Everyone here is wacko. Maybe it’s something in the water.

Raul: I´m confused.
Bird: Are you telling me that the Pen is real. Not just a figment of the cat´s imagination?
Raul: The Pen is real, very real. I´ve talked to it.

Bird: You talked to it?
Raul: Yes.
Bird: when?
Raul: This one time I got into the house. Francis was there and so was the pen.

Bird: And they were doing what exactly?
Raul: Nothing much. They were talking; I stopped, chatted for a bit and then I left.
Bird: You chatted? With the cat?
Raul: and the Pen.

Bird: That´s it. I´m moving. Everyone here is wacked.
Raul: what?
Bird: You´re a rat, he´s a cat. Aren´t you supposed to mortal enemies or something?
Raul: You´ve met him, he wouldn´t hurt a fly.

Bird: yeah, that´s true. I mean, he chased me and everything but, he just wanted the pen back.
Raul: You stole the pen?
Bird: yes.
Raul: where is it?

Bird: I don´t know. I gave it back to him.
Raul: Oh thank god.
Bird: What? Why?
Raul: That pen is very important to Francis.

Bird: yeah, I noticed that. What I don´t get is why.
Raul: He will never admit it, but I think he´s in love with it. I mean they argue and everything but deep down I think he really loves that pen.

Bird: You´re crazy. He´s crazy.
Raul: why?
Bird: It’s a Pen!
Raul: So?

Bird: So you two are seriously demented.  A cat and a rat are mortal enemies.
Raul: You seriously have issues.
Bird: I have issues? You stop by the house of a cat, on multiple occasions from what I´ve gathered, and now you tell me that he´s best friends with a pen.

Raul:  yes. I don´t see why you´re confused about this. It’s the twenty first century. It’s a new world. Accept it, enjoy it. Now if you´ll excuse me I have to go. I´ve been out for a while and if I don´t get home before dark the missus will bite me. It was nice knowing you Mr. Bird.

Bird: It´s official, everyone in this place is crazy. That´s it! I´m flying out of here!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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