The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 54

Missy dropped of Amelia, the female cat, over at Jason´s house before going out with him.

Amelia starts to explore the house. She´s looking to find Francis, albeit finding him highly inconvenient.

She reaches an open door that leads to the backyard and decides to wonder of.

As she gets outside she comes face to face with Raul, the Rat.

Amelia stops, frozen by fear.

As Raul moves towards her she starts to scream for help.

Amelia (screaming): Ah! Francis!
Raul: Oh! You know Francis?
Amelia: What?

Francis is inside the house and hears Amelia´s scream. He rushes to her aid.

Cat: Amelia? Dear, what´s wrong?
Amelia: Francis, look at this?

Francis, the cat, looks at what´s facing Amelia. He finds Raul, the rat, staring at the both of them.

Cat: Oh, hello Raul!
Raul: Hello Francis, how have you been?
Cat: Doing  well. Thank you for asking. And yourself?
Raul: Can´t complain I´m good.

Amelia (interrupting): “cough”, “cough”. Would you ladies like some tea and cookies?
Cat: I wouldn´t mind.
Raul: Me neither, since you´re offering.

Amelia (irritated): I was being sarcastic!
Cat: you´re always sarcastic. I can never tell the difference.
Amelia: wrecked cat from hell, I called for you to come and help me, not to dine the intruder.

Raul: Hey! I´m not an intruder! Not per se anyways…
Amelia: what?
Cat: yeah. Raul lives here. Not in my house but on the property.

Amelia is dumbstruck staring at the useless cat.

Amelia: stupid cat, you know he´s a rat, right?
Cat: yeah, so?
Amelia: So you´re a cat. You´re supposed to hunt it, kill it, and throw it away!
Cat: have you been talking to that useless pen from hell again?

Amelia: what? No, why?
Cat:  Because “it” said the same thing.

Amelia: well, yes. I´m starting to think that “it” is smarter than you.
Cat: I am not stupid!
Amelia: Are you sure about that? Because you´re a cat and he´s a rat. You two are supposed to be mortal enemies.

Cat: Why? He´s a nice guy.
Amelia: He´s not a guy! He´s a rat! A giant, filthy rat!
Cat: Now you´re just being rude.

Amelia: What?
Cat: Raul, that´s his name, is nice. So he steals some food once in a while. Not everyone has it good like we do Amelia. Jason and Missy take care of us. Raul doesn´t have anyone.

Amelia: Are you even listening to yourself?
Cat: Are you?
Amelia: what?
Cat: well, if that is all, I´m going back into the house. Don´t worry, he won´t bite you. He´s nice.

Francis starts to walk back to his house.

Cat: bye Raul. I´ll see you another time.
Raul: Goodbye Francis. See you later.

Raul, the rat, turns his back to Amelia and leaves.

Amelia: did I just step into the twilight zone? Just how useless can that cat get?

She runs after Francis.

Amelia: Francis!

From the window “someone” is watching on by.

The Pen.

Pen: Ha! Ha! Ha! That wrecked cat actually became friends with Raul, the rat.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira.


3 thoughts on “The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 54

  1. Lmfaooo clearly Amelia needs to go to Zootopia, lol.

    “Amelia (interrupting): “cough”, “cough”. Would you ladies like some tea and cookies?
    Cat: I wouldn´t mind.
    Raul: Me neither, since you´re offering.” Lmfaooo

    Man I enjoy reading these.

    Liked by 1 person

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