The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 53

The Pen is “standing” in the hallway, when Francis the cat, rushes by “it”.

Pen: Hi Francis…

Nothing. Not a word.

Pen: Hey!

The Pen gets mad.

Pen: why you little f***!

The Pen decides to chase after the cat.

“It” finds the cat hiding under the kitchen table.

Pen: seriously Francis! This is starting to get ridiculous.
Cat (whispering): Shut up!
Pen: Really? Who are you hiding from this time?

Francis looks at the pen but doesn´t answer.

Pen: Amelia?
Cat: No.
Pen (smiling): Bianca?
Cat: NO!

The smile on the Pen fades.

Pen: Then who the hell are you hiding from?

The cat looks at the pen petrified.

Cat: The witch!
Pen: The witch?
Cat: Yes.

Pen: What witch?
Cat: The meanest, ugliest, vilest of creatures to ever walk this earth.
Pen: Oh! Is it your mother in law?

Cat: My what?
Pen: Amelia´s mom.
Cat: No!
Pen: Then who?

Cat: Jason´s mother!
Pen: Isn´t she like your grandmother?
Cat: No way! She´s evil and mean and she doesn´t like me!

Pen: How do you know?
Cat: She told Jason he should get a real pet. Like a dog or something.
Pen (mocking): She didn´t!

Cat: she did. And then when Jason told her he really liked me, do you know what she said?
Pen: What?
Cat: She said: (dramatizing) “Jason you should get a manlier pet. This cat is too fluffy!

The pen breaks out laughing.

Pen: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Cat: why are you laughing?
Pen: well, you are fluffy.

Cat: I know! And I´m adorable! How can that woman not like me?
Pen: Maybe she´s allergic.
Cat: Allergic to what? Cuteness?

Pen: No stupid, cats!
Cat: So what? That´s her problem!
Pen: She is Jason´s mother.

Cat: She´s mean and evil and I hate her. What kind of a person doesn´t love an adorable and cute cat?

Pen: Jason´s mother.
Cat: I know! Maybe she´s an alien!
Pen: Right, because that would explain it.

Francis starts to hear someone approaching.
He rushes under the table and hides in a corner, out of sight.

Pen: You´re such a sissy!

Jason: Francis, come out.
Cat: no!
Jason: come on buddy.
Cat: Is the witch gone?

Jason peeks under the table and finds Francis hiding petrified in a corner.

Jason: My mom´s gone. You can come out now.

Francis starts to come out from underneath the table.

Jason picks him up.

Jason: You don´t need to be afraid. You may be a crazy drunk ball of fur, but I love you!
Cat: Really? Wait…


Cat (cont.): Hey! Who´re you calling a drunken ball of fur you stupid human?

Francis bites Jason´s nose.

Jason drops Francis to the floor.

Jason: Au! Dam it Francis! Come back here!
Cat: That´s what you get for calling me names!
Jason: Get back here you crazy cat!
Cat: You don´t tell me what to do!

Francis runs of.

Jason: Francis!

Pen: Ha! Ha! Ha! Those two love each other!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira.


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