The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 51

Missy, Jason´s girlfriend has just returned home with Francis. She has just taken him to the groomers.

Jason comes into the kitchen just as she puts the cat carrier on the counter.

Jason: Hey! How did it go?
Missy: It went great! Francis looks adorable!
Jason: Adorable? What did you do?

Missy opens the door to the cat carrier for Francis to come out. He doesn’t.

Missy: Now Francis, come on out. Jason wants to see how you look.
Cat: No way in hell, you stupid woman!
Jason: Come on Francis, I don´t have all day.

Cat: I hate you! And I hate this witch girlfriend of yours as well!

Missy is so excited that she reaches inside the carrier and drags Francis out crying.

Cat: NO! Let me go!

She sets him on the counter. He looks furious.

Jason takes a good look at his cat and then bursts out laughing like crazy.

Jason: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Francis, the cat, has had his fur completely shaven except for the tip of his tail and his head.

Missy: Doesn´t he look like a miniature lion?

Jason covers his mouth to try and contain his laughter but it’s useless.

Missy: why are you laughing? He looks lovely!
Jason: He looks something alright!
Missy: Just ignore him Francis, you look amazing.

Cat: I swear I´m going to pee in your tea next chance I get!
Jason: You look very nice Francis!
Cat: Nice? Can´t you see what this demon of a woman did to me? You useless human!

Jason tries to play with Francis´s tail, which now only has a bit of fur on the end of it.

Jason: You do look like a miniature lion…
Cat: Once again, without the hysterical laugh and I might start to believe you!
Missy: Come on Jason. Stop laughing!

Jason: Missy, honey, I love you, but I think you wrecked my cat!
Missy: Oh shut up!

They both start to laugh.

Cat: yeah, yeah. Laugh it up! I´ll get even with you two soon enough.
Jason: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Cat: I hate you!

Jason: He looks like someone stole all of his clothes and he was left wearing nothing but a wig.
Missy (laughing): Oh Jason, stop!

Cat: keep laughing! We´ll see who´s laughing tonight when you find I´ve pooped in your bed!

Jason picks up Francis.

Jason: Now Francis, look at it this way: You do look like a miniature lion.
Cat: Really?

Jason rubs Francis´s head before putting him down on the floor.

Jason: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Cat (angry): then why do you keep laughing?

Missy: Jason, we should go!
Jason: Yes, we should. Bye Francis! Oh, and try not to go anywhere near the windows. I don´t want you catching a cold or anything! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Cat: yes, yes! You´re hilarious! Stupid humans!

Jason and Missy leave.

Francis starts to walk around the house, bored as heck. He Jumps on the counter looking for a bottle of magic milk, so he can drown his sorrows and forget about his eventful day.

After sating his thirst, Francis walks towards his bed. He needs his rest.

On his way he encounters the Pen, facing away from him.

Cat: Hey stupid stick!
Pen: Hey dumb fur ball!

The Pen turns and faces the cat.

Pen (screaming like a girl): Ah…
Cat: What? Why are you screaming?
Pen: Aren´t you ashamed of yourself?
Cat: Ashamed of what?

Pen: Walking around naked?
Cat: Shut up stupid!
Pen: I´m serious! You should be arrested!

Cat: arrested for what?
Pen: Indecent exposure!
Cat: I´ve had been indecently exposed to you every single day! You´ve never complained before!
Pen: That´s because you were covered up.

Cat: I hate you!
Pen: No, you don´t.
Cat: Oh but I do!

Pen: What happened to you?
Cat: Missy!
Pen: Oh! She hates you doesn’t she?
Cat: I believe so, yes.

Pen: Well, Francis, what can I say…?
Cat: Any chance I can convince you not to say anything?
Pen: You´ve had a full day?
Cat: Oh yes!

Pen: Fine! I´ll let it go this time!
Cat: Thank you!
Pen: You´re welcome Candy!
Cat: Who´s Candy?

Pen: You are.
Cat: My name is Francis!
Pen: That was before.
Cat: Before what?

Pen: Before you started walking around naked.
Cat: I really hate you!
Pen: bye Candy.
Cat (angry): My name is Francis!

Pen: Ha! Ha! Ha!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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