The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 50

Francis, the cat, is walking around in his house when he overhears Jason talking on the phone.

Jason: I know mom, but if he keeps this up, I won´t have a choice. I´ll have to give it up. I can´t take this anymore. It´s too much drama.

Jason hears what the person on the other end of the line says while a curious Francis watches from afar.

Jason: No! I don´t care! It´s too much of a hassle! I´m going to give it up!

Pen: Kitty, did you hear that?
Cat: Aahh…!

Francis jumps in the air scared and drops on his face.

He looks up to find a very amused Pen.

Cat: stupid stick, where did you come from?
Pen: outer space.
Cat: Make a noise, will you.

Pen: wrecked cat did you just hear what Jason just said?
Cat: About what?
Pen: he was talking about you!
Cat: No he wasn´t!

Pen: yes he was.
Cat: How do you know?
Pen: he was talking about a major hassle in his life, a.k.a. you!

Cat: Don´t be ridiculous, I´m his amazing and adorable cat.
Pen: You´re a fluff ball that sheds all over the place!
Cat (starting to whine): I´m his child!

Pen: No, you´re his drunkard cat! He´s even started to complain about you to his mother!
Cat: Shut up stupid!
Pen: You always resort to name calling when you know I´m right.

Jason comes along.

Jason: Francis come here!

He grabs his cat.

Cat: Human? You´re not getting rid of me, are you?
Jason: You know, we´ve had some good times.
Cat: Yes, yes we have.
Jason: But…

Francis covers his ears with his paws.

Cat: La, la, la… I don´t want to hear it!
Jason: I’m sorry Francis.

Francis is clueless.

Jason puts Francis down on the floor.

Cat: what? What are you sorry about? Human? Hello?

Jason turns away from Francis and walks towards the kitchen, leaving Francis behind.

Cat: Jason? Come on… What are you sorry for?
Pen: If you hadn´t covered your ears and blabbed like a baby, you would have heard what he said.

Cat: What did he say? Did you hear?
Pen: Sorry, no. I had to take a call.
Cat: From where, space?

Pen: You really are one rude cat, aren´t you?
Cat: Pen?
Pen: What?
Cat: do you think Jason´s going to get rid of me?

Pen: I don´t know. Probably!
Cat: Oh man! What am I going to do?
Pen: I don´t know, grovel?

Cat: Shut up stupid!
Pen: Bye useless cat.

Jason comes back.

Cat: I can´t believe you! After all this time together, you´re going to get rid of me like I´m some animal you found on the side of the road. What if I get cold, or hungry? What if…?

Jason: Now Francis, don´t be mad. But I have to take this back.
Cat: What? Take what back?

Jason shows Francis an old fluffy blanket.

Cat (outraged): what? No, no, no! No way! That´s my blanky! You useless human!
Jason: I´m sorry. But apparently, this blanket was my brother´s baby blanket, not mine.
Cat: How´s that my problem?
Jason: he wants it back.

Cat: No way! That´s mine now…
Pen (interrupting): wrecked cat, that´s a blanket! He´s not giving you up, just the blanket.
Cat: so what? It´s a blanket, its fluffy and soft and its mine!

Pen: stupid cat did you hear what I just said? He´s not giving you up!
Cat: I don´t care! If he gives away my blanky, I´ll run!
Pen: You are such a drama queen!
Cat: Huh!

The end!

2016_ Joana Teixeira


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