The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 48

Francis, the cat, is walking around in his house.

He is bored as heck.

After a much needed snack, he´s walking to his resting place when he spots the Pen.

Francis walks towards the Pen and then stops, staring at it.

Pen: What do you want?
Cat: Nothing!
Pen: You sure about that?

Cat: Well, I want world peace!
Pen: Do I look like a freak Miss Pageant presenter to you?
Cat: Wow, you´re in a bad mood.

Pen: Yes, I am…
Cat: why?
Pen: You really want to know?
Cat: No! Never mind. If I start you of, you won’t shut up for another hour.

Pen: Hey! You are so insensitive!
Cat: I´m insensitive? You´re the one who´s always mocking and nagging me!

Pen: That´s what friends do.
Cat: We´re not friends!
Pen: of course we are.
Cat: we´re really not!

Pen: Wrecked cat!
Cat: Pen from hell!

Pen: See! Best friends.
Cat: Mortal enemies.
Pen: Same thing.

Cat: You seriously need therapy.
Pen: Right! I´m the one…
Cat: Are you implying I do?
Pen: yes, of course.

Cat (outraged): why would I need therapy?
Pen: You´re talking to a pen, stupid!
Cat: Ahhh…

Pen: Now go away!
Cat: You go away! This is my house!
Pen: It´s my house too!

Cat: No its not!
Pen: You´re right! It´s Jason´s.
Cat: yes, well, I´m Jason´s child.

Pen: I wouldn´t call you his child. More like a deranged ball of fur.
Cat: You´re the one who´s deranged.
Pen: Weren´t you going somewhere?
Cat: Like where?

Pen: I don´t know. Go outside; stare at the birds or something.
Cat: Nah! I´m going to take a nap.
Pen: Useless cat!
Cat: Stupid stick!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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