The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 46

Francis, the cat, comes along and splashes down near the window.

The Pen shows up, and stops, staring at the cat.

“It” Sys, trying to capture the cat´s attention.

Pen: Ah…
Cat: What´s the matter with you?
Pen: I finally figured it out…

Cat: Figured what?
Pen: Why I nag you so much.
Cat: `cause you´re a pain in the ass?
Pen: No Francis. I think… I think I´m in love!

Cat: Good for you! So you´ll stop nagging me for good?
Pen: That´s just it.
Cat: what is?
Pen: Francis, I think I´m in love, with you!

The cat looks at the pen as if he has just been electrocuted.

Cat: I beg your pardon?

The Pen “moves” closer to the cat.

Pen: I´m in love with you Francis!
Cat: What kind of juice are you on?
Pen: Love!
Cat: You´re high!

Pen: Very much so, yes. On Love!
Cat: Don´t be ridiculous! You´re a Pen!
Pen: So? Are you implying I can´t have feelings because I´m an inanimate object?
Cat: You´re a what?

Pen: I´m a Pen!
Cat (confused): I know you´re a pen! From hell!
Pen: Francis… I love you!
Cat: Shut up stupid!

Pen: You really are insensitive. Here I am, pouring my heart out to you, and you treat me like this! You are so mean!

Cat: stupid stick, I know you. You are having the time of your life mocking me, as per usual.
Pen: I swear Francis, I´m not.
Cat (getting frustrated): Oh God! Aren´t you a boy pen?
Pen: A what?

Cat: Male?
Pen: No.
Cat: So you´re female?
Pen: No.

Cat: Then what the hell are you?
Pen: I´m a Pen.
Cat: Oh for heaven´s sake!
Pen: What?

Cat: If you´re neither male nor female, what are you?
Pen: Androgynous!
Cat: Ha! I knew it!
Pen: Knew what?

Cat: You´re an alien!
Pen: Seriously?
Cat: Well, that explains a lot.
Pen: Explains what? That you´re an idiot?

Cat (ignoring): How you´re able to talk and walk. Oh, and nag the hell out of me!
Pen: Really? That´s your reasoning?
Cat: What? I´m right aren´t I?
Pen: Sorry, no.

Cat: Then… what are you?
Pen: I´m a pen.
Cat: Oh hell!
Pen: what now?

Cat: Nothing. I just thought that if you were an alien, then that would be a reasonable explanation for you existence, your presence and your nagging.

Pen: You really are stupid aren´t you?
Cat: excuse me?
Pen: You really thought that a reasonable explanation for my presence here would be otherworldly?

Cat: Well, either that or you´re possessed…

The two stare at each other in silence.


Cat: If that is all, I´ll be going. Bye.

The Pen remains silent without delivering a comeback.

Francis walks away.

Pen: Is it possible? No, it can´t be…

Looks around.

Pen: Is that wrecked cat from hell actually becoming smart?

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira.


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