The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 43

Today is the day. Or at least it was supposed to be.

Francis, the cat, is laying by the window.

He drops from his favorite resting place and goes for the bottle on the kitchen counter.


Drunk and sad, Francis the cat goes straight for his bed.

On his way he finds the Pen waiting for him.

Pen: Hi there kitty.

Francis walks right by “it” without a word.

Pen (angry): Hey!

The Pen decides to follow Francis.

The cat lies down in his bed and puts his head under his blanket.

Pen: Francis? What´s going on?
Cat (from underneath the blanket): Nothing, go away…
Pen: Oh, come on kitty! Tell me what´s wrong.

Cat (sticks his head out): You really want to know?
Pen: yes, of course.
Cat (goes under the blanket once more): No! You´ll just mock me as per usual.

Pen: No, I won´t.
Cat: Liar!
Pen: I swear I won´t.

Francis comes out and sys.

Cat: today is my birthday…
Pen: Happy birthday kitty cat.
Cat: Thanks.

Pen: Why are you so gloom? Sad you´re getting older?
Cat: What? No! I don´t care about that.
Pen: Oh no?
Cat: No.

Pen: Then what´s with the foul mood.
Cat: Jason forgot about my birthday.
Pen: Maybe he doesn´t know.
Cat: Of course he knows.
Pen: How do you know?

The cat gives the Pen a look. The Pen smiles back.

Cat: well, because, last year, he threw me an amazing party. And we had cake.
Pen: And wine.
Cat (smiling): yes, that too.
Pen: And today…

Cat: today nothing. He just left. No happy birthday, no special treats, nothing.
Pen: That is weird. Are you sure it’s today? Like today, today?
Cat: Of course!
Pen: But… How do you know, I mean, it’s not like you can read or anything. Maybe you got the day wrong.

Cat: I didn´t!
Pen: Kitty?
Cat: I heard Jason talking on the phone about how he had made special plans to celebrate his favorite person´s birthday.

Pen: Crazy cat?
Cat: What?
Pen: key word “person”.
Cat: Shut up!

Pen: Just saying…
Cat: Who can be more important to him than me?
Pen: How about his girlfriend?
Cat: Oh please… She´s just a girl.

Pen: She´s his girlfriend.
Cat: I´m his child.
Pen: No. You´re his drunkard cat!
Cat: Shut up!

Pen: Still, I have to say, it’s weird that you don´t know.
Cat: Know what?
Pen: Your own birthday stupid.
Cat (losing his patience): It´s today!

Pen: Are you sure about that?
Cat: (hesitating): I think so…
Pen: You think or you know?
Cat: Ahhh… Shut up! You´re confusing me!

Pen: How am I confusing you?
Cat: you keep asking me all these questions.
Pen: You´re the one who´s all moppey and sad that Jason forgot about your birthday.

Cat: I said I heard him talking about his most important someone!
Pen: And you just assumed it was you.
Cat: Of course it’s me!

Pen: Dude, you´re the equivalent of a stuffed toy.
Cat: I hate you!
Pen: Love you too stink ass!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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