The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 42.5

After having saved the Pen, Francis enters his house through the back door.

He has the Pen safely stuck in his mouth.

Once he reaches the kitchen, he drops the Pen onto the floor.

The Pen “stands” up.

Pen: Thanks for the slobber bath!
Cat: Seriously? You´re nagging?
Pen: I´ve got your drool all over me!

Cat: How about a thank you?
Pen: Thank you for what?
Cat: Saving you!

Pen: Oh please! I had a plan…
Cat: Really? Then why were you screaming: “Francis, please, save me…”
Pen: Okay, first of all, I don´t sound like that!
Cat: Like what?

Pen: a crazy chick!
Cat: you did!
Pen (ignoring the cat´s remark): Second, I might have said: “Francis come and get me!”

Cat: No. You were screaming for help.
Pen: No, I didn´t!
Cat: You called my name and begged for my help.

Pen: Liar!
Cat: Fine. Then I´ll take you back to that feathered runt that wanted to use you as a sturdy foundation to his new crib.

Pen: Do you even know what sturdy means?
Cat: I should’ve just let you die.
Pen: Oh please! You´d be lost without me!
Cat: No, I wouldn´t! Don´t be ridiculous.

Pen: Kitty, deep down inside, you know.
Cat: Know what?
Pen: You saved me because you´re my friend.
Cat: No, I´m not!

Pen: Yes, you are.
Cat: No…
Pen: Yes, you said so.
Cat: I never said such nonsense!

Pen: Yes, you did.
Cat: when?
Pen: Last time.

Cat: Last time when?  I don´t remember.
Pen: Once, we talked and you said to me that I was important to you. And Francis, you´re important to me too. You´re my friend.
Cat: I must have been drunk!

Pen: You´re always drunk.
Cat: I´m not drunk now.
Pen: You sure about that?
Cat (hesitating): yes…

Pen: Count to ten and walk a straight line.
Cat: What the hell is a straight line?
Pen: You really are stupid aren´t you?
Cat: I hate you!
Pen: No, you don´t.

Cat: yes, I do.
Pen: You love me!
Cat: Pen from hell.
Pen: Drunkard cat!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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