The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 40.5

Bianca, the female kitten and the Pen are both looking at each other intently.

The Pen is shocked that someone else aside from Francis can see “her”.

Bianca moves closer.

Bianca: Hello…
Pen: You can see me?
Bianca: Of course I can see you. I´m not blind!

Pen: How is it… that you can see me?
Bianca: See these gorgeous gems on my face? They´re my eyes and they work perfectly.
Pen: Yes, I can see that. Not what I meant though.

Bianca: So… Are you going to give me an answer or what?
Pen: Answer?
Bianca: yes!
Pen: I´m sorry! What was the question again?

Bianca: What are you?
Pen: What kind of ridiculous question is that? Can´t you see?
Bianca: Of course I can see!
Pen: Then why ask?

Bianca: Ask what?
Pen: Oh for heaven´s sake! You asked me what I am.
Bianca: Yes I did. And you haven´t answered me.
Pen (angry): I´m a Pen!

Bianca: I can see that you´re a Pen.
Pen: Then why ask?
Bianca (stumped): ah…

Bianca is left speechless by the Pen´s question.

Pen: well then, goodbye.
Bianca: wait!
Pen: What?
Bianca: Pen´s don´t usually talk, do they?

Pen: How the hell should I know! I´m a pen!
Bianca: yes, you´re right.
Pen: will that be all?
Bianca: yes, thank you.

The Pen “walks” away, leaving behind a very confused Bianca.

The “it” stops.

Pen: how the hell is she able to see me?


Pen (cont.): Maybe I´m like Santa Claus! Only kids and the drunk can see me. Ha, ha, ha!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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