The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 38

Francis, the cat, exits the kitchen and finds something that looks like a discarded pen on the floor.

His view is a little fuzzy so he nears the strange object and starts to talk to “it”.

Cat: What are you doing laying there?

The Pen doesn´t respond.

Cat: Hello?

Gives it a nudge.

Cat: Pen?

No answer.

The cat taps it with his paw and the pen rolls away.

Cat: Pen? Are you alright?


Francis starts to panic.

Cat: Oh, no! Pen? Please be okay!

He lies down next to it weeping.

Cat: You were a pain in the ass, but I will miss you…
Pen: Miss who?
Cat (clueless): This stinking pen!

Looks to the side to find “the Pen” staring at him, grinning.

Cat: Pen!
Pen: Cat!
Cat: You´re alive!
Pen: Yes.

Cat: I thought that (points to the pen on the floor).
Pen: That´s just a pen.
Cat: You´re just a pen.
Pen: No! I´m a special pen!

Cat: because you´re from hell?
Pen: Ha… No! Because I have the ability to nag you!
Cat: That you do.

Francis moves closer to the Pen.

Pen (fearful): What? What are you doing?

The cat stops right next to it and looks straight at it.

Pen: You looking for a fight?
Cat: I´m glad you´re okay.

The Pen is surprised by Francis´s honesty.

Pen: Yes Francis. I´m okay.
Cat: Really?
Pen: Yes.
Cat: Okay, good.

Pen: You really were worried about me?
Cat: Yes, I was.
Pen: Why?
Cat: Because you´re my friend.

The Pen is outraged.

Pen: No, I´m not!
Cat: Sure you are.
Pen: You´re acting weird.
Cat: I thought I lost you.

Pen: Stop it Francis. That´s not funny!
Cat: what?
Pen: What the hell did you drink this time?
Cat: The usual.

Pen: Then why are you acting all touchy feely?
Cat: Touchy what?
Pen: Next thing I know, you´re going to start saying you´d miss me if I was gone.
Cat: I would miss you. I´ve grown to like you. And Pen, you´re my friend.

The cat moves closer to the Pen and nudges it lightly.

Cat: I´m glad you´re okay.
Pen: Go away! Stop touching me! I don´t know what it was you drank, but Francis, this isn´t funny!

Cat: Oh Pen…
Pen: I´m going to go! Get over that hangover soon Francis!
Cat: Pen?
Pen: What?
Cat: I think I love you…

Pen (gliding away): La, la, la! Can´t hear you!
Cat: Pen? Please come back!
Pen (yelling): You drunkard cat!

With that last remark the Pen disappears.

Francis turns around and walks away with a victory grin on his face.

Cat: Ha! HA! Ha!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira.


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