The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 36

Francis, the cat, enters his house through the back door.

He has scratch marks and bruises all over him.

He wants to go straight to his bed but makes a short stop on his way when he eyes something crimson on the table.


Even though it took a bit of effort and hurt like hell, it was worth it. That red liquid he loves helped soothe his pain.

As Francis lies in his bed trying to find a comfortable position, hard as it may be, due to his injuries, his stick “friend” shows up.

Cat: Au! This hurts!
Pen: Kitty, did you end up next door again?
Cat: How did you know?
Pen: You´re all bruised!

Cat: Yup!
Pen: You´re stupid!
Cat: What? Why?
Pen: Don´t you know that dog hates you!

Cat: The dog didn´t attack me…
Pen: Didn´t attack you… Oh, you mean…
Cat: Yes, the lovely Amelia caught up to me and, well, you can see for yourself.
Pen: yikes!

Cat: And while she was biting and scratching me, the dog showed up.
Pen: Did he attack the two of you? Is Amelia alright? Did you leave your girlfriend to fend for herself? Francis, I know you´re a coward but I still expected more from you!

Cat: Ha, ha, mmm…
Pen: What?

Cat: You see, when Alberto showed up…
Pen (interrupting): wait, who?
Cat: Alberto!
Pen: Who´s Alberto?
Cat: The dog!

Pen: No!
Cat: yes.
Pen: his name´s Alberto?
Cat: Yes! Can I go on with my story?

Pen: What? Seriously?
Cat: yes!
Pen: No! Ha ,ha, ha!
Cat: Like I was saying, when the dog showed up and Amelia was busy trying to kill me, that stupid mutt decided it would be a good idea to mock us.

Pen: That idiot! Don´t tell me…
Cat: Yes. Fortunately for me, he managed to piss of Amelia even more than I had so I took the chance to get the hell out of there and as far from her as I could possibly get.

Pen: What did she do?
Cat: She stopped scratching me and threw herself at him.
Pen: That is one psycho cat!
Cat: I heard Jason and Missy yelling at her. They went next door to get her. Apparently Missy had to pull her off of the dog. She bit his tail so hard, she nearly ripped it off.

Pen: where is she now?
Cat: Missy took her home.
Pen: Lucky you.
Cat: yeah, for now.
Pen: What do you mean?

Cat: I wonder what she´ll do to me next time she sees me.
Pen: Don´t worry about it!
Cat: Oh no?
Pen: No! I mean, I´ll live on and I´ll make sure everyone knows all about you.

Cat (not really): Thanks…
Pen: Sure. I´ll let everyone know how much of a coward you really were and that you were scared to death of your girlfriend! Ha, ha, ha…

Cat: I hate you!
Pen: Oh please, you love me!
Cat: I really don´t!

The end!

2016_ Joana Teixeira


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