The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 35

Francis, the cat, is by the window, watching as Jason leaves for the day.

The Pen comes along.

Pen: Kitty, are you sad?
Cat: No! Why would I be sad?
Pen: Well, Jason´s leaving!
Cat: He leaves every day. He comes back every day as well.

Pen: But I heard him talking to Missy. They´re going on a trip together.
Cat: So?
Pen: Won´t you miss him?

Cat: Nope! I´m good. I have food and water.
Pen: What about Amelia?
Cat: What about Amelia?

Pen: Missy left her here you with you, right?
Cat: Say what now?
Pen: Missy left Amelia here…
Cat: Here? Here where? Here? My house here?

Pen: yes.
Cat: Oh crap!
Amelia: Hello Francis! I see you continue to talk to your imaginary friend!
Cat: What?

Amelia: Nothing!
Cat (trying to change the subject): How are you dear?
Amelia: Fine…
Cat: Just fine? How´s…

Amelia (interrupting): That´s what I need to talk to you about.
Cat (worried): Is everything okay? Are the babies alright?
Amelia: Francis!
Cat: What?

Amelia: we need to talk…
Cat: Okay, talk.

Amelia: I´m not pregnant.
Cat: What? What do you mean you´re not pregnant?
Amelia: I´m not pregnant. Missy took me to the doctor and she said that I had eaten something that had left me a little bloated and…

Cat: Why did you tell me you were pregnant?
Amelia: All the signs were there; the nausea, the dizziness…
Cat: The extra weight.
Amelia: I can´t talk to you like this.
Cat: You told me you were pregnant. That I was going to be a father and that we were going to be a family!

Amelia: yes, well, fortunately that´s not going to be the case!
Cat: Fortunately?
Amelia: Do you know how I would become if I were pregnant?
Cat: You´re already fat!

The second the words came out of Francis´s mouth he regretted them. The killer look on Amelia´s face told him he had just signed his death sentence.

Cat: Oh, no. I didn´t mean…
Amelia: what did you just say?
Cat: No! Fat? No, fluffy!

Amelia: Did you just…?
Cat: Beautiful!

Too little, too late.

After the “fat”, all Amelia heard was noise and her “I´m going to kill you” button was immediately switched on again.

Francis: Dear?
Amelia: I´m going to kill you, you stupid cat!

Amelia lunges at Francis but somehow he manages to dodge her attack. Just as Jason opens the door, Francis runs out with an enraged Amelia chasing after him.

Jason: Hey! Where are you going Francis?

He notices Amelia chasing after Francis.

Jason: Look at you lover boy!

Cat/Amelia: shut up!

Pen: It was nice knowing you Francis!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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