The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 34

Francis, the cat, was peeking at Jason from around the corner in their kitchen.

Jason was complaining that somehow his wine keeps disappearing and he doesn´t remember drinking it.

Jason: Seriously, what is going on in this house?
Missy: What´s wrong dear?
Jason: I had a new bottle of wine for us to try tonight but I can´t find it…

Francis´s eyebrows nearly jump out of his head as he runs the hell out of the kitchen before Jason has the chance to put two and two together.

The cat hides under the living room couch, so Jason won´t find him.

Pen: Are we playing hide and seek?
Cat: What? How did you find me here?
Pen: Your ass is sticking out!

Cat: No its not! Shut up!
Pen: Why are you hiding?
Cat: Jason is mad someone drank the bottle of wine he was saving up for his special night with Missy.

Pen: Kitty!
Cat: What?
Pen: It was you, wasn´t it?

Cat: What? Of course not!
Pen: Kitty?
Cat: Okay! So, maybe! Don´t know…
Pen: Didn´t you know he was saving that wine for a special occasion?

Cat: How the hell am I supposed to know that? I´m a cat! It´s not like I can read.
Pen: Bad kitty!
Cat: Stupid Pen!
Pen: You ruined his night.

Cat: Oh please… I drank some wine. Why is that so wrong?
Pen: Jason´s going to be mad at you.
Cat: What is he going to do? Ground me? I´m not his kid.
Pen: No, it’s worse, you´re his cat!

Cat: How is that worse?
Pen: He can easily put you up for adoption.
Cat: He wouldn´t do that. I´m his amazing and adorable cat!
Pen: You´re a drunkard that steals his stuff!

Cat: It’s our stuff.
Pen: How´s that?
Cat: It´s our house, our room, our kitchen…
Pen: Dude, you´re a pet!
Cat (winning): I´m his child!

Pen: A drunken child.
Cat: Shut up! Go away!
Pen: I´ll go.

Cat: Really?
Pen: Yes, of course. It´s not like I’m doing anything here by myself.
Cat: You´re not by yourself! I´m here. You´re nagging me.
Pen: Not for long.
Cat: What?
Pen: Behind you…

Jason pulls Francis from under the couch.

Jason: Come ‘here!
Cat: How did he find me?
Pen: Told you, your ass was sticking out.
Cat: Crap!
Jason: Francis! How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from the wine bottles?

Cat: Wine? What wine? I thought that was milk! I´m a cat! I can´t read, you idiot!
Jason: You´re grounded!
Cat: Hey! You´re not my real dad!
Jason: Stop miauing!
Cat: Asshole!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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