The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 33

Francis, the cat, is walking towards the door when the Pencil shows up.

Cat: what the hell!
Pencil: Hey there stupid!
Cat: Hey!
Pencil: What? You´re an idiot!

Cat: Am not!
Pencil: Yes, yes you are…

Cat: And you´re a fugly stick!
Pencil: you´re an asshole!

Amelia comes along

Amelia: who´re you talking to?
Cat: No one! How are you dear?
Pencil: Wow! So you finally managed to get a girlfriend.

The cat tries to ignore the pencil.

Amelia: Francis, will you come and take a walk with me outside?
Cat: Of course dear.
Pencil: Bye idiot cat!

Francis wants to chew the taunting pencil, but he doesn´t want to scare Amelia.

Pencil: That is one whipped cat!
Pen: Why are you bugging him?
Pencil: Why are you defending him?
Pen: Just leave him be! He finally got a girlfriend!

Pencil: That girl is going to be the death of him!
Pen: well, at least he´ll die happy!
Pencil: You´re right! Ha ha ha!
Pen: Ha ha ha!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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