The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_Easter special

Today is Easter Sunday and Jason and Missy have decided to spend the day at a friend’s house.

Jason left Francis home alone and went out with his girlfriend.

Francis decides to have a celebration of his own and goes for the bottle on the bottom cupboard.
He tries to open the door with his paw.

After failing three times because the door is tight shut, he pulls out his claws, which he never uses and manages to pry it open.

With a victory smile on his face, he starts to slowly pull the bottle in the front.
It falls on the floor and Francis nearly has a heart attack when the bottle nearly breaks.

He pulls out the lid and his sweet favorite nectar pours out.

On his way to his bed, as he has just sated his thirst, something ominous shows right in front of him.

Before he can scream like a little girl, Francis realizes it’s just the Pen.

Cat: Make a noise why don´t you!
Pen: Happy Easter, Bunny!
Cat: Bunny? Who are you calling a bunny, stupid Pen?
Pen: I´m sorry! Are you supposed to be something else?

Cat: What? I´m a cat, you idiot!
Pen: Then what´s with the long ears?
Cat: What ears? My ears are tiny and small and very cute!

Pen: Today, it seems, you have an extra pair.
Cat: An extra pair of what?
Pen: Ears.
Cat: No I don´t!

Pen: Yes, you do!
Cat: You´re starting to annoy me! What ears?
Pen: The ones on your head, idiot!

Francis tries to feel his ears but finds something else. Longer, bigger and fluffy!

Cat: What the hell is this?
Pen: What I´ve been trying to tell you! Bunny ears!
Cat: Where did they come from?
Pen: Maybe you ate a bad Easter egg!

Cat: I didn´t!
Pen: You sure about that?
Cat: I had two earlier, but they were chocolate, and they were yummy!
Pen: Yes Francis, but those eggs were probably stolen from the Easter Bunny and now you´ve been cursed with long bunny ears as a punishment.

Cat: Oh, no!
Pen: Oh, yes!
Cat: well, what can I do?
Pen: You´ll have to go outside and pray to the Easter Bunny for forgiveness, and maybe, just maybe he´ll hear your prayers and decides to forgive you!

Cat: How do I do that?
Pen: Go outside and look up into the sky. Pray to the master Bunny of the eggs that he forgives your gluttony and decides to withdraw his punishment.

Cat: That´s it?
Pen: Pretty much yeah!
Cat: Then what?
Pen: Then you wait.

Cat: Okay, I´m going to do that! Thanks Pen!
Pen: You are very welcome Francis!

The cat walks away and the Pen is left with a devious smile on its face.

Pen: Or, you could wait for Missy to come back and take them of… You´re so easy Francis!

Happy Easter!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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