The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 26

Francis, the cat, was laying in His bed.

The Pen nears him carefully and before “she” can say anything, Francis speaks.

Cat: hi there Pen!
Pen: Hello Francis!
Cat: Having a good day?
Pen (fearful): Why yes! How about you?

Cat (clearly lying): Awesome!
Pen: Francis? What´s the matter?
Cat: Nothing!
Pen: I don´t believe you! You´re so gloom! Did something happen?

Cat: I just met with Amelia.
Pen: Oh! How did that go?

Francis looks at the Pen, tears in his eyes.

Cat: She told me that if I ever go near her again she´ll scratch my eyes out!
Pen: So? She told you that last time.
Cat: Yeah, but last time she didn´t bite me.

Francis shows his rear to the Pen, all bruised and scratched.

Pen: Kitty, she didn´t!
Cat: She did!
Pen: Damm! She really did a number on you!
Cat: It gets better!
Pen: Better? Your ass?

Cat: Nope! Missy is moving in with Jason!
Pen (shocked): Kitty!
Cat: Yup! Amelia is moving here with her!
Pen: What are you going to do?
Cat: Die, probably!

Pen: Don´t be so negative Francis.
Cat: How can I not be?
Pen: She´s not going to kill you!
Cat: Oh no? I´m going to die of heartbreak!

Pen: What?
Cat: I´m going to live with the love of my life Pen. But if I go near her, she´ll kill me!

The Pen is speechless.

Cat: What?
Pen: You´re an idiot!
Cat: Why?
Pen: She´s moving here! To your house. You need to impose yourself. This is your territory! Not hers.

Cat: So what?
Pen: Show her the cat you really are, or at least pretend you are!
Cat: How am I going to do that?
Pen: Ignore her!
Cat: I can´t do that!
Pen: Of course you can! Just make sure you´re not that welcoming to her. Show her this is your house. Not hers!

Cat: You know what? You´re right! This is my house! Not hers! She´s a guest.
Pen: Exactly!

Cat: Thank you Pen!
Pen: You are very welcome!

Francis gets up and walks away.

Pen: It was nice knowing you Francis!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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