The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 25

Francis, the cat, was not in a good mood. Jason had just taken him to the vet to trim his claws.
As a treat, to himself, Francis went for the bottle on the counter. There wasn´t much left but it was enough to sate his thirst.

He heard the door close, indicating that Jason, his owner, had left and decided to attack the helpless liquid.

Moments later…

Francis laid down on his bed, his favorite spot in the house, ready to take a nap but someone had a different idea.

Enters the Pen, with her might gets straight in Francis´s face.

Pen: Hi there fur ball!
Cat: What?
Pen: I said Hello, you rude mut!
Cat: And I asked you what the hell do you want?

Pen: Uau! You´re in a bad mood aren´t ya?
Cat: Yes, so it would be better for you to leave instead of bugging me.
Pen: What´re you going to do? Scratch my eyes out?
Cat: Yes!
Pen (mocking): Sorry kitty, no claws remember.

Cat (not amused): I may not have claws, but I can still chew you up!
Pen (rethinks her strategy): Haven´t seen Amelia around lately.
Cat: she was so freaked out by you last time she was here, she´s afraid she´ll run into you again.

Pen: I freaked her out?
Cat: Of course you did!
Pen: Are you sure about that?
Cat: Are you implying I was the one?

Pen: Must be difficult!
Cat: What must?
Pen: A relationship with you!
Cat: Why?
Pen: Must be difficult dating a diva!

Cat: Amelia’s not a diva!
Pen: Oh, I know that!
Cat: Are you calling me a diva?
Pen: Hey kitty if the shoe fits, wear it! Bye now!

Cat: Stupid stick come back this instant, I´m not done with you!

Looks around

Cat: Next time I see you, I´m going to chew you up!

The end!

2016_ Joana Teixeira


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