The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 22

Missy came over to meet with Jason, her boyfriend.

Since they had an appointment and Missy didn´t want to leave Amelia alone, she brought her over to stay with Francis. After all, they got along so well.

As soon as Amelia touches the floor she frowns as she starts to sense Francis´s smell all over the house.
He is the cat living in this house so this is normal but still Amelia´s bothered by his scent.

She twits her nose in annoyance.

Their last encounter was less than fortunate and she believes she was taken advantage of.

Francis ran like crazy the moment the bell rang, not to be seen any time soon.

He escaped through the back door the second the Pen told him of Amelia´s arrival.

As Missy dropped her, Amelia started to walk around the place, smelling and exporing.

Missy: Amelia, be a good girl! Oh, and be nice to Francis!
Amelia: “Miau”. I see that stupid ball of fur, you can bet I´ll treat him alright. I´m going to “de-fur” him for good.

Missy leaves with Jason.

Amelia is left to her own devices and starts to walk around.

After a while boredom sets in and Amelia spots Francis´s corner: his bed, food and water bowls.

She goes for them.

Amelia: Yuk! What the hell have you been eating?

Amelia walks away disgusted and something red catches her attention.

The red cup.

She goes for the counter and leaps. She studies the container and its content.

Her nose touches the crimson liquid and a drop falls to her mouth.

Amelia: Mmm… Tasty!

Amelia then proceeds to drink the delicious nectar.

Minutes later…

Amelia is splashed on Francis´s bed.

Amelia: Francis, darling, where di you go?

Amelia starts to feel a presence. She looks to the side and finds the Pen staring at her.

Amelia: got dam it, make a noise why don´t you?
Pen: hello!
Amelia: you scared the crap out of me!
Pen: Good!

Amelia: good?
Pen: yes!
Amelia: why?
Pen: well just because…

Amelia: who the hell are you?
Pen: I´m the Pen.
Amelia: I can see that!
Pen: see what?

Amelia: that you´re a Pen! I meant your name:
Pen: Just Pen, although I have been called other things.
Amelia: such as?
Pen: doesn´t matter…

Amelia: well then, I´m Amelia.
Pen: oh I know that!
Amelia: you do?
Pen: yes, of course, you´re Francis´s girlfriend.

Amelia is outraged by the statement.

Amelia: I am not that stupid twat´s girlfriend. He just took advantage of me.

Pen: Amelia, dear, I was there, I saw the whole thing. You were the one who “attacked” Francis.
Amelia: was not!
Pen: yes, yes, you were.

Amelia: well… what? Why are you staring at me like that?
Pen: I´m trying to figure out.
Amelia: figure out what?
Pen: what he likes so much about you.

Amelia: who does?
Pen: Francis, who else? He´s in love with you! He says you´re not just a princess, you´re a queen.
Amelia (happy): Really?
Pen: really!
Amelia: well, maybe I won´t kill him just yet!
Pen: oh, no?
Amelia: I mean, if he really believes I´m a queen!

Pen: way I see it, you´re the queen of bitching!
Amelia: what did you just say?
Pen: I called you a bit…
Amelia (interrupts): Do you have any idea of what I can do to you?

Pen: Nothing! Zipply dipply doo da!
Amelia: What?
Pen: There is nothing you can do to me! I am the almighty, all knowing and powerful Pen!
Amelia: You´re the Pen from hell, that´s what you are!

Pen: Then, if I´m from hell, you really shouldn’t mess with me now should you?
Amelia: What do you mean?
Pen: You´re going to be a very good girl and extremely nice to Francis!
Amelia: And why would I do that?
Pen: Because if you don´t, I´m going to mess that pretty beautiful fur of yours with permanent ink and you wouldn´t want me to do that now would you?

Amelia: Are you threatening me?
Pen: I´m warning you! Francis, as twisted as it may sound, is my friend. And as demented as that may be, he really likes you. So don´t you dare hurt him!

Amelia: okay, okay. Just leave my beautiful fur alone.
Pen: So we understand each other?
Amelia: I believe so!
Pen: good! Bye now!

The Pen makes its signature disappearing act.

Amelia: what?

She looks everywhere, but the Pen is gone.

Amelia: Pen? Hello? Where the freck did you go?

Amelia: Pen from hell, you just wait. Sooner or later I´m going to chew you up! You too Francis, I´m going to bite your ass so hard you´ll regret the day you messed with my awesome self. You two just wait.

Bye now!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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