The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 21

Francis, the cat, is sleeping in his bed, mumbling in between hiccups.

Cat: no! (hiccup) I don´t want to go!

The Pen comes along and stops, staring at the sleeping, mumbling cat.
A grin comes over “her” face.

Cat: No! not now! Please…

Pen: Kitty? Kitty cat?
Cat: go (hiccup) away!
Pen: Come on Francis, time to wake up!
Cat: Not now. Let me sleep!

Pen: Come on sweetheart, time to see Amelia!
Cat: just five more minutes…
Pen: Are you sure? She´s already here!

Francis opens one eye and looks at the Pen, starring down at him.

Cat (mumbling): who is?
Pen: Amelia, she´s here to see you!

Francis, the cat, finally wakes up and jumps in a jolt, lands on his face and tries to rush to his “feet” (or paws!)

Cat: Amelia? She´s here? Why didn´t you wake me up sooner? I must look like a mess!

The Pen starts laughing like crazy.

Cat: Stupid Pen? Why are you laughing like that?
Pen: Good thing your girlfriend´s not here yet!
Cat: She´s not?
Pen: Thankfully for you!
Cat: why?
Pen: Because you look awful!

Doorbell rings.

Pen: yeah, that´s her now.
Cat: Oh, my! I look like crap!
Pen: You don’t say.

Francis rushes out.

Pen: Uau! Poor smuck, he´s in love!

The end…

2016_Joana Teixeira



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