The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_New Year´s special

Francis, the cat, is walking about with a huge smile on His face.

Cat: Happy New Year! (hiccup)

Pen: Hey there kitty cat!
Cat: Hello there Miss Pen!
Pen: Miss Pen?
Cat: Oh, I´m sorry! Is it Mr. Pen?

Pen: Uau! You´re loaded aren´t you?
Cat: It´s the New Year! I had some tasty bubbly!
Pen: I can see that.
Cat: This year it´s going to be different!

Pen: You´re not going to drink your magic milk anymore?
Cat: Don´t be ridiculous!
Pen: Then what´s going to be different?
Cat: I´m going to propose to Amelia!
Pen: Oh, I see! You have a death wish!

Cat: No, I don´t! Pen: Then why?
Cat: Jason is marrying Missy, so I´m going to marry Amelia!
Pen: Kitty, it was nice knowing you!
Cat: What?
Pen: Have a safe trip!
Cat: I´m not going anywhere!
Pen: You sure about that?

Cat: Yes! Where do you think I´m going?
Pen: Heaven! That´s where nice kitties go right?
Cat: I´m not going to die you stupid stick!
Pen: we´ll see! Bye now!
Cat: Hey, come back here! I´m not done with you yet!
Pen: See you on the other side kitty!
Cat: What?

And the Pen disappears leaving Francis dumbstruck!

Cat: That idiot Pen! I´m not going to die! Am I?

Happy New Year!

The end!

2016_Joana Teixeira


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