The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 20

Francis, the cat, comes into the room, desperate for his bed.

He just had a snack and a “special” treat and needs to lay down for a rest.

On his way he stumbles onto the Pen.

Cat: Where did you come from?
Pen: Like in existence or…
Cat: Pen?

Pen: What? You ask the dumbest questions!
Cat (losing his patience): Pen!
Pen: well, if you really want to know there is a whole process that goes into the making of such an awesome Pen such as myself.

Cat: Please shut up!
Pen: You´re the one who asked but if you´re not ready to listen to the answer then don´t ask!
Cat: I meant how did you get in my way?
Pen: Oh! I thought…

Cat (interrupts): yeah, yeah! No need for you to go into an existential crisis right now!
Pen: You stupid, drunk fur ball!
Cat: Get out of my way. I´m warning you!
Pen: or you´ll do what? Bore me to death?

The cat lowers his head to the Pen but before the latter can react Francis throws up on top of it.

The pen gets angry.

Pen: Look at what you just did! You…
Cat: Oh, wow! I feel so much better now. Thanks stupid stick!

Francis, the cat, walks away from the Pen, towards his bed.

Pen (angry): Francis!

The end!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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