The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_Christmas Special

The Pen is walking about and parades right in front of Francis, the cat.

Pen: Ho! Ho! Ho!
Cat: Are you trying to be Santa Claus?
Pen: Of course not! Don´t be ridiculous!
Cat: Then what´s with the “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Pen: I´m Pen Claus!
Cat: There is no such thing as a “Pen Claus”!
Pen: Are you sure about that kitty?
Cat: yes!
Pen: How do you think Santa makes his “good or naughty” list every year?

Cat: I´m pretty sure that by now he already has an app for that.
Pen: Don´t be ridiculous!
Cat: I´m not being ridiculous! Face it, you´re ancient!

Pen: Am not! There will always be the Pen!
Cat: this is 2015, technology rules the world. No one writes anything anymore.
Pen: Of course they do!
Cat: Nope! Sorry Pen, you´re ancient history.

Pen: stupid fur ball, you´ll be the one who´ll be ancient history in a second!
Cat: You´re mad ´cause you know I´m right!
Pen: hum! I was going to give you a Christmas present but you´ve made me mad so now I´m not going to give it to you anymore!.
Cat: Yeah! Yeah! Merry Christmas stupid stick!

Merry Christmas!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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