The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 19

Francis, the cat, is his bed mumbling to himself, in between hiccups.

He is trying to sleep, but after being chased by a disgruntled Amelia, he´s all beaten up.

Cat: (hiccup) au, this hurts!
Pen: Hey there kitty, you doing okay?
Cat: Not now!
Pen: I was just checking up on you, jeez!
Cat: And I answered.

Pen: What?
Cat: Right now, I´m not doing very well…
Pen: Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood!
Cat (in a very low voice): Thank you!
Pen: what was that?

Cat: I said, thank you
Pen: You´re welcome kitty!
Cat: mmm…
Pen: But apparently, I wasn´t much help. You´re all bruised.
Cat: This wasn´t Amelia.

Pen: No?
Cat: No. You see, I was so worried about looking behind me to escape Amelia, that I ran right into next door´s backyard.
Pen: Kitty, you didn´t! Don´t they have a grown pit-bull?
Cat: Why do you think I´m like this?

Pen: Yikes! I don´t think doggy boo was happy to see you…
Cat: Nope! Still, I think this was only a fraction of what Amelia was intent on doing had she caught me.
Pen: I´m sure it is!
Cat: what is?
Pen: Amelia comes back, you better run, ´cause she was pissed.

Cat: I know! But she was the one who attacked me!
Pen: Kitty, don´t worry. I´m sure one day someone will write great things about you.
Cat: I´m not dead yet, you freakish pen!

Pen: I… No. I´ll go, let you rest. Who knows?
Cat: who knows what?
Pen: How long you have left!
Cat: Left?
Pen: Bye now! I´ll let you rest…
Cat: Pen?

The Pen disappears.

Cat: Annoying Pen? What the hell? What did you mean with time left?

Looks everywhere for the Pen. Nowhere in sight!

Cat: Hello?

The end!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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