The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 18

Francis, the cat, is finally able to release himself from Amelia´s fierce clutches.

He crawls away silently, fearful that he might awake the feline beauty.

With the bottle still on the floor, Francis runs straight for it, only to be disappointed by the lack of content.

Cat: Huh! She drank the whole thing!

Still, Francis tries nudging the bottle, and is happily surprised when some of it spills out for him. Minutes later, after he finishes drinking the last drop of his favorite nectar, Francis feels a presence near him.

He gulps in fear and turns to find the Pen eyeing him, defiantly.

Cat: Crap! Got dam it Pen! You scared the crap out of me! Make a sound will you!
Pen: Did you have a nice “nap”?
Cat: Shut up!
Pen: What did I do?
Cat: stop mocking me!
Pen: I didn´t say anything!

Cat: That girl is insane!
Pen: Difficult to please I´m guessing…

Cat: Difficult would be an understatement! She´s crazy, and bossy and…

The Pen starts looking elsewhere, like she´s annoyed by the conversation.

Cat: What?
Pen: You go on and on blabbing but I thought you liked Amelia

Cat: I do like her
Pen: Then why all the fuss?
Cat: Normal Amelia is one thing; a rude pest, ungrateful bitch!
Pen: And drunk diva cat?

Cat: She´s crazy!
Pen: and insatiable, right kitty?
Cat (with a grin): yes… (rethinks) but she´s nuts!
Pen: can´t have it both ways
Cat: I think she wants to kill me!
Pen: No! You think?

Cat: What?
Pen: you did get her drunk!
Cat: I got her drunk? No! You did!
Pen: No, I didn´t! She never got to meet me

Cat: So, what are you saying?
Pen: I´m saying you better run!
Cat: Why?
Pen: Because any way you see it, you still got her drunk. I´m guessing she´s not going to find it amusing!

Cat: what´s not amusing?
Pen: The fact that you got her drunk
Cat: But I didn´t get her drunk! I told her to taste it, not drink the whole thing!
Pen: yeah, I don´t think she sees it like that

Cat: And how would you know anything?
Pen: Remember drunken diva?
Cat: yes! What about it?
Pen: Meet devil diva!
Cat: what?

The Pen signals him to look behind him.

Amelia: you stupid, freaking fur ball! What the hell did you give me?
Cat: Amelia, sweetheart?

Amelia looks like a cat straight out of hell, eyes red with anger, fur standing up!

Pen: It´s has been really nice getting to know you kitty!
Cat: Huh…
Pen: I´d run if I were you!
Cat (panicking): Amelia, dear… let´s talk about this…
Amelia (interrupting): I´m going to kill you!

Amelia starts to run towards Francis but for some reason the Pen jumps in her path giving Francis the opening he needed.

Pen: Good luck kitty!

Amelia: what the hell?

Amelia stumbles on the Pen and Francis manages to get away.

Amelia (yelling): Francis!

The end…

2015_Joana Teixeira


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