The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 17

Amelia is staring at Francis while the latter tries to look everywhere but at the fierce female cat.

The Pen comes along and stops, eyeing them both.

Pen: Kitty what´re you doing?
Cat: Nothing, go away!
Amelia: Who are you talking to? Are you telling me to leave?
Cat: Of course not, I wasn´t talking to you!

Amelia: well, I´m the only one here. So you must have been talking to me
Cat: I swear I wasn´t!
Amelia: Then its settled, you´re crazy!

Cat: I´m not crazy! If you really want to know, I was talking to the Pen!
Amelia: The Pen?
Cat: Yes, the Pen!
Amelia: What pen?

Cat: This Pen right here! Him or her, it´s the Pen!
Amelia: You are crazy! Talking to inanimate objects!
Cat: Oh, no! This one is very much alive!
Amelia: You´re demented!
Cat: No, I´m not!

Pen: Kitty, she can´t see me!
Cat: What? Why?
Pen: Because I appear only to you!
Cat: You´re invisible to everyone else?
Amelia: Who are you talking to?
Cat: The stupid Pen?
Amelia: What Pen?

Cat (to the Pen): You´re doing this on purpose!
Pen: I´m really not…

Cat: To make me look bad in front of her
Pen: No, you´re making an ass of yourself all on your own!
Cat: What?

Amelia sys in annoyance and turns to leave

Amelia: I think I´m going to leave, you´re insane!
Cat: No, I´m not! (to the Pen) I hate you!
Pen: Kitty, I feel bad for you, so I´m going to help you, but just this once!
Cat: How?
Pen: Get her to drink that red milk of yours
Cat: why?
Pen: Trust me, just do it!

Francis runs of after Amelia

Cat: I´m sorry Amelia, I was just joking!
Amelia: I wasn´t entertained
Cat: Ha,ha…
Amelia: well?
Cat: As an apology I would like to give you something!
Amelia: Like a present?
Cat: Not quite!

Amelia: Then what?
Cat: Come with me!

Francis takes Amelia with him to where they can find the bottle with the yummy goodness.

He knocks it down and the “red milk” spills out.
Amelia is curious and she nears the liquid, but doesn’t touch it

Amelia: What is it?
Cat: Red milk, try it, it´s tasty!
Amelia: smells funny!
Cat: Tastes good though
Amelia: If it ends up tasting bad I´m going to scratch your eyes out.
Cat: just try it

Amelia takes a sip Her eyes pop open and her whiskers tingle

Cat: It´s good right?

Amelia ignores him and continues to drink

Cat: Amelia, dear?
Amelia: Whaaat?
Cat: Do you like it?

Amelia stops drinking and stares at Francis
Amelia: well hello there gorgeous, give me some love!

Amelia “jumps” Francis

Pen: you´re welcome kitty!

To be continued…

2015_Joana Teixeira.


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