The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 16

Francis, the cat, is nervous walking back and forth, mumbling.

Suddenly he stops, looks at the kitchen counter and goes for the bottle on top of it.

He knocks it down and fortunately it doesn´t break, but it does spill out its content.
Francis smiles and goes for the crimson goodness.


The cat is in his bed, not fully awake but not asleep either.

Cat: hiccup! Today is the day… hiccup!

He then tries to get up on his paws, unsuccessfully.

Cat: Crap! Hiccup

Jason, his owner, and his girlfriend come in .

Jason: What the hell happened here?

Cat: Don´t look at me! Hiccup!

Missy: Maybe it just fell!

Jason: Doesn´t matter, I still have to clean this up.
Missy: Leave it for now!
Jason: What?
Missy: Let´s introduce them!

Missy has a box in her hand.

Cat: Unless its food, go away!

She puts the box down next to Francis and opens it.

A cat comes out: Amelia, Missy´s cat.

Missy: Francis, this is Amelia, she´s my cat. Hope you two can get along!

Francis is dumbstruck staring at the female cat.
Amelia nears Francis and looks back at Missy, purring.

Missy: Well, it looks like they might like each other!
Jason: Great! Can we go now, I don´t want to be late!
Missy (to Francis): Now you two play nice.

She leaves with Jason, leaving Amelia with Francis.

Francis: well, hello (hiccup) there!

Amelia gives him a death glare.
Francis recoils and backs away from her.

Amelia: If you think you and I are going to anything, you have another thing coming!
Francis: I didn´t…
Amelia: Listen to me you stinky fur ball

Francis is in shock

Amelia: Come near me and I´ll scratch you eyes out!

With that statement, Amelia turned away from Francis and went to lie down on the couch.

Francis: I think… I´m in love!

From afar someone is watching.

Pen: Poor smuck!

To be continued…

2015_Joana Teixeira.


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