The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 15

Francis, the cat, was lying in his bed, trying to fall asleep after a long day of doing nothing!

Pen: Hello Kitty!
Cat: Let me sleep!
Pen: ahh… mmmm… no!
Cat: don´t you have something better to do? Like write a book or something?
Pen: Why should I write a book when it´s so much better t annoy the hell out of you!
Cat: You need to get a life!

Pen: And maybe you need to get a girlfriend, then you won´t be so grumpy all of the time!
Cat: Why would I want to do that?
Pen: To keep you company!
Cat: You mean nag the hell out of me! I already have you for that!

Pen: Well, I´m flattered, but wouldn´t you like some company?
Cat: I happen to enjoy my own company, thank you very much!
Pen: That seems lonely!
Cat: It´s not lonely, it´s worse to deal with a girl.
Pen: Don´t like sharing the spotlight ha?

Cat: What?
Pen: I mean, it must be difficult!
Cat: What must?
Pen: A relationship with two divas!

Cat: what?
Pen: (mocking) what? What?

Francis looks mad

Pen: You see, for someone to put up with you, she would have to be just like you. But you´re a diva, and a relationship with another diva, I don´t see that working out.

Cat: You exhaust me!
Pen: That´s because you know I´m right!
Cat: No you´re not!
Pen: Kitty, have you seen yourself in the mirror?
Cat: Like ever?

Pen: Like in the last 10 minutes?
Cat: No, why?
Pen: How about in the last 11?
Cat: well, a fly went over my head earlier, and I was just checking if…
Pen (interrupting): Like I said, Diva!

Cat (mad): Am not!
Pen: Bye now!

The Pen disappears leaving Francis the cat, fuming!

Cat: Hey! Don´t you dare leave me talking to myself!

The cat walks around looking for the pen.

Cat: stupid pen? Where did you go?

The end!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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