The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_Halloween special

Francis the cat is in his bed about to fall asleep, when he hears a noise.
He opens one eye and peaks at his surroundings.
He´s about to nod off again when he hears that same noise once again.

He immediately tries to stand on his feet (or paws), unsuccessfully.

Cat: Hello? Is anyone there?

He hears another “BANG” noise.
Francis rushes under the nearby table and hides.
He puts his hands to his head and tries to calm himself down.

Voice: Francis! Oh Francis!
Cat: Who´s there?
Voice: It´s me Francis!
Cat: Me who?

Voice: The ghost of your past self
Cat: Ghost of my past self?
Voice: Yes Francis, I´ve come to take you…
Cat (scared): Take me where?
Voice: Somewhere where you´ll find you past self again

Cat: What past self?
Voice: Francis! Oh Francis!
Cat: What do you want?


Cat: Hello? Annoying voice?

Francis, the cat, is afraid and starts to walk backwards, only to stumble onto something.

Voice: I´m here to take you Francis!

The cat is scared, screams, jumps into the air, knocking his head onto the table. He then runs of, stumbling into everything in his path.

Pen: Oh Francis, you are so easy! Ha, Ha, Ha!

The Pen is so entertained, he doesn´t see the shadow nearing him from behind

Pencil: Boo!

The Pen jumps while screaming like a scared girl and runs of after the cat.

Pencil: The stupid cat isn´t the only one who is easy! Ha, Ha, Ha!

Happy Halloween!!!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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