The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 13

The Pen comes to find Francis, the cat, staring at nothing.

Pen: Well, you look awful!
Cat: Go away! Not in the mood to deal with you.
Pen: what did I do?
Cat: Leave me alone…

The cat turns and walks away.

Pen: I was going to give you a cookie, but since you´re being so anti-social, I´m not going to give it to you anymore.
Cat: I´m not being anti-social and I don´t like cookies.
Pen: Afraid they´ll make you fat?
Cat: Shut up!
Pen: Because I´m happy to say, that ship has sailed!

Cat: I hate you!
Pen: Love you too stupid fur ball.
Cat: Stupid stick!

Pen: Bye now…
Cat: Finally, silence!

A moment goes by…

Pencil: Hey stupid fur ball! Ya missed me?
Cat: Oh, God!

To be continued…

2015_Joana Teixeira.


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