The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 12

The Pen is still, staring at nothing.

Francis comes along and lies down next to it. He sys, trying the get the Pen´s attention.

The Pen continues to ignore him, so he does it again, this time, louder.

Pen: Something on your mind kitty?
Cat: No, nothing at all!
Pen: Okay, good.
Cat: Well… since you asked

The Pen gives him a wtf look

Pen: well, of course, since I asked!
Cat: I´m feeling a bit of ennui!
Pen: Ennui? What the hell?
Cat: Ennui! You know what ennui is don´t you?
Pen: yes of course! It´s something the French get!

Cat: well, I´ll have you know, I am part French!
Pen: You sure about that?
Cat: Yes, I´m sure!
Pen: `cause to me you´re part moron, just saying
Cat: you´re an idiot, just saying. Anyways, I am part French!
Pen: kitty, what you are and what you think you are, are two mutually exclusive things!

Cat: Shut up! I already said that I am part French!
Pen: what´s so great about the French?
Cat: Oh, the music, the art, the culture…
Pen: the smelly cheese
Cat: You are so annoying!
Pen: Hey, I was over here, minding my own business, when you came along and splashed right next to me!

Cat: I was trying to be nice and have a conversation
Pen: about smelly cheese
Cat: You are impossible!

Francis stands up and walks away, then turns to the pen

Francis: I never mentioned any smelly cheese, you did!
Pen: Don´t they say cheese goes along well with wine?
Cat: So?
Pen: You like wine!
Cat: No, I don´t!
Pen: What do you think that red milk you drink is?
Cat: Red milk!

Pen: I give up
Cat: Now what?

Pen: No, forget it. I forgot.
Cat: What?
Pen: That you´re stupid.

Cat: Am not!
Pen: Yes, you are. Night kitty!
Cat: hey…

The Pen disappears

Cat: Hello?! Annoying Pen? Where did it go?

Cat: That is red milk! It´s tasty, but it´s milk, right?

The end!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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