The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 11

Francis is once more by the window, His favorite place to sleep “it” off.

Pencil: Hey there stupid fur ball!

Francis looks up but doesn´t speak

Pencil: I said “Hello”!
Cat: Go away!
Pencil: No!
Cat: well, goodnight then…
Pencil: It´s noon!
Cat: don´t care!

Francis lays his head back on the pillow looking away from the annoying pencil

Pencil: Kitty! Kitty! Kitty cat?

Francis, the cat, raises his head from his very comfortable pillow and looks at the Pencil with a death glare.

The pencil recoils but stays put

Pencil: ha…há!
Cat: what do you want?
Pencil: You know what I want?
Cat: To mess with me!

Pencil: yup!

Cat: No can´t do! Store´s closed, come back another day!
Pencil: No way!
Cat: Goodnight!

The Pencil flies onto the cat´s head knocking him

Cat: Hey! What are you doing?
Pencil: I don´t like to be ignored!
Cat: How´s that my problem?
Pencil: I´m making it your problem!
Cat: You seriously need therapy
Pencil: Sorry, no! You need therapy! I need you to be irritated by what I do!

Cat: why?
Pencil: Because it´s fun to annoy you!

The Cat rises from his resting place and walks towards the Pencil

The Pencil loses his might

Pencil: What?
Cat: Go away or I´ll chew you up!
Pencil: yeah, well… I´m going to go, but only because I want to. I´m being nice here kitty!
Cat: yeah, yeah!

Francis lies back down in his resting place

The Pencil looks stunned and can´t believe what just happened

Pencil: What the freck?!

The end

2015_Joana Teixeira


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