The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 9

Francis, the cat, is sleeping in his bed, but with half of his body sticking out, laying on the floor. His mouth is dirty from something red.

The Pen come along, wearing a deviant smile
Pen: Wakey, wakey, kitty!
Cat: No… let me sleep!
Pen: Come on kitty, time to wake up!
Cat: 5 more minutes

Pen: Come on Francis, I´ve got something good for you
Cat: Not now mommy!
Pen (screaming): wake up, you stupid fur ball!

The Cat wakes up startled, jumps high in the air and lands on his face. Dazed and confused looks up to find the Pen looking down on him exhilarated.

Pen: Hello kitty!
Cat: I really hate you!
Pen (with a huge grin): Love you too kitty!

Francis, the cat is still sleepy and very drunk and so he plasters his head on the floor while slurring his insults at the Pen

Cat: stupid stick…
Pen: Mmm! Fine! I´ll let you get away with it, but just this once.

The Pen starts to grin

Pen: I´ll take what I can get, and that jump and girly scream was enough for me be to be entertained, but just for today…

The Pen turns and walks away laughing

Pen: Ha! Ha! Ha!
Cat (sleeping): stupid stick!

The end

2015_Joana Teixeira


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