The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 7

Francis, the cat, is by the window enjoying the afternoon sunlight.

Cat: my life, hiccup, so wonderful, hiccup!
Pen: Hi there kitty!

The cat doesn´t look at him

Pen: kitty? Kitty cat? Why so gloom?
Cat: Hiccup, la,la,la!
Pen: Hey, are you listening to me?
Cat: la,la,la, hiccup
Pen: Stupid fur ball, you are starting to annoy me!

The cat looks straight at the pen

Cat: Now you know how it feels!
Pen: What?
Cat: to be annoyed
Pen: I´m not annoyed
Cat: Oh no?
Pen: no, I´m mad!
Cat: mmm…

Francis gets up, turns around and walks away, ignoring the pen.

The Pen rushes to catch up to the Cat and stands in his way

Pen: Hey are you listening to me?
Cat: bugger of…
Pen: What?
Cat: Leave!
Pen: No!
Cat: Okay then

Francis lies down in his bed and snuggles to his blanket falling asleep.

Pen: What the freck?!

The Pen turns away from the cat and walks away, grunting to himself.

The Cat opens one eye, the Pen is nowhere in sight.

With a smile:

Cat: Annoying Pen 06, Amazing and wonderful Francis 01! Get that you stupid pen! Hiccup!!

The end… hiccup!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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