The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 6

The possessed pen strikes again!

The cat is happily laying down enjoying the afternoon sunlight when the pen shows up in front of him.

Pen: hi there kitty cat!
Cat: what do you want? Wait, don´t answer that! I know, to mess with me a little!
Pen: that is not what I was going to say!
Cat: Really?
Pen: Really!
Cat: Then what do you want?
Pen: To mess with you a lot!
Cat: Have I told you I hate you!

Pen: Every time! That´s what makes it fun!
Cat: You´re sick!
Pen: Again, you, not me!
Cat: Me? I´m not sick, I´m annoyed!
Pen: Why? Was it something I said?
Cat: Do you even care?
Pen: Off course I care.

Cat: Well. Since you care so much, I´ll tell you!
Pen: Wait! I said I cared, not that I cared so much, don´t twist my words kitty cat!
Cat: I really hate you!
Pen: I know! That´s what makes it fun!

The cat rises his paw and strikes the pen with one swift move sending it flying to the other side of the room!

Cat: why didn´t I think of that sooner?
Pencil: Because you´re stupid!
Cat: you two are cousins aren´t you?
Pencil: off course not! He´s my brother!
Cat: why am I not surprised?

Pencil: B…
Cat: (interrupting) you saw what I just did to your brother, right?
Pencil: yes…

The cat raises his paw again

Pencil: wait, kitty, just wait!!!

and swiftly strikes the pencil.

Cat: finally, silence! Hiccup!!!

the end! Hiccup!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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