The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 5

The white cat wasn’t feeling very well after having a sudden encounter with a pencil.

Cat: Why? I was finally able to get rid of that insane pen, always twirling and singing! Oh my god I’m getting dizzy again…

Pencil: Maybe you should see a doctor!
Cat: You’re still here?

Pencil:  sure am, you stupid fur ball
Cat: Hey, no need for name calling!

After a long sigh the cat turns around, leaving the pencil on his own, but the pencil decides to follow the cat around.

Pencil: Hey wait up; I’m not done with you yet!

With a grumpy look on his face the cat turns to face the pencil

Cat: What do you want?
Pencil: To mess with you!
Cat: Are you by any chance that stupid pen’s cousin or something?
Pencil: I don’t have any pens in the family, well unless you count that acetone sniffing marker, but he’s been of the stuff for a while now and…

He finally realizes the fierce look on the cat.

Pencil: what?
Cat: You really like the sound of your own voice don’t you?
Pencil: Yes, as a matter of fact I do, why do you ask?
Cat: Sadist!
Pencil: Now who’s the one calling names?
Cat: Go away!
Pencil: Sorry, no can’t do mister!
Cat: why the hell not?
Pencil: I am here on a mission!
Cat: And what mission might that be?
Pencil: Well, to mess with you!

A vein was about to pop in the cats’ head but he decides to take a deep breath

Cat: If you’re a pencil, that means you’re made out of wood!
Pencil: nice thinking Sherlock!

The cat starts to smile

Pencil: For some reason, I’m not liking that grin on your face very much…
Cat: That means I can chew you UP!

The cat starts to chase the Pencil around As the pencil runs from the mad cat

Pencil: Oh, no, hold on boy! Stay, sit, roll over! You stupid mut!

The cat is finally able to get the pencil and starts to chew on the pencil. As the cat bites and bites the pencil

Cat: I’m a cat, you stupid stick!
Pencil: Ohhhhh…

And he dies down…. The cat’s owner comes into the room

Cat: And that’s what you get for messing with the beautiful, unbelievable Francis!
Owner: Francis what are you doing?

The cat looks up questionably…

Cat: What? So I chewed a pencil. He was very bothersome!

As the owner reaches the cat he picks him up

Owner: Why would you chew on your own paw? It’s bleeding..

Shock comes over the white cat

Cat: Bleeding? Who’s bleeding? Me? What? Oh no… It was the pencil, that stupid pencil… Pen come back, please come back, I like you better…

As he looks down on his paw he passes out from the shock…

Owner: what is the matter with this cat?

In a small corner the pencil shows up and another familiar voice is heard

Voice: Told you he was a drama queen!

The pen is back

Pencil: I though you were exaggerating…

The end!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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