The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 4

The cat comes in trough the back door.
His paws dirty from the grass and mud outside.

His owner’s girlfriend, Missy comes in the kitchen and sees the dirty cat.

Missy: Oh my god kitty, you’re all dirty and muddy!
Cat: you’re so annoying!

Before the Cat realizes, Missy grabs him and takes him to the bathroom. He tries to get loose, but unfortunately for him, he has just been to the vet to trim his claws.

Cat: Leave me alone you witch!

Missy doesn’t understand a word the Cat is saying, all she hears is “MIAU!”

Missy: you’ll be all whitey again!
Cat: I hate you!

And the door closes.
Moments latter

Missy comes out and the Cat follows her out of the bathroom, very wet. The Cat doesn’t look happy. Missy has a proud smile on her face.

Cat: I’m gonna get you! Sooner or later, count on it!

His owner comes along.

Owner: hey, you look nice
Cat: I’m not liking you very much right now!

The Owner grabs the Cat and sets him on the counter.
The Owner goes over to his girlfriend, who hands him his jacket.

The Cat goes fast for the cup ahead

Owner: Now Kitty, we’re going out. You behave and be a good boy!
Cat: Yeah, whatever!

The Cat finishes his drink and drops to the floor. Then, with blury eyes gets up and crawls to his bed and lays there.
He starts to lick his fur trying to get the excess water out of him.

Pen (out of nowhere): hey there kitty cat!
The Cat puts his head down.
Cat: This is not my day!
Pen: are you starring in a play or something?
Cat: No, not at the moment, why?
Pen: You look like the Lion King!
Cat: As in the King of the Jungle?
Pen: As in you need to coam your hair

Cat: I hate you, you know that!
Pen: Yes, yes… but I like you kitty!
Cat: Really? Why?
Pen: Well, it’s not so much like you, as I love to mess with you!
Cat: Idiot!
Pen: Crazy!

The Cat puts his head down and starts to mumble:

Cat: You’re not really here! You are just my imagination playing trick with my head!
Pen (starting to fade): Hey, what are you doing?
Cat: I don’t want, nor do I need you here!
Pen: This isn’t funny kitty!
Cat: Go away!
Pen: Not fair!

The Pen fades away and the Cat looks up. No Pen in sight…

Cat (surprised): Hey, it worked! Take that you stupid Pen!

Two seconds latter a Pencil comes in front of him, dancing and twirling.

Pencil: Hey there Kitty Cat!
Cat: Oh, Good Lord!

The End!

2015_Joana Teixeira


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