The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 3

The Cat is laying on the couch very relaxed liking his paws and running them trough his face to clean it.

 Cat: It’s so nice to be here… Hiccup! This is nice, sitting here… Hiccup! The sunshine caressing my face… Hiccup! It’s a lovely…
Pen: Hey there kitty cat!

This startles the Cat making him jump high and fall flat on his face onto the floor.
As the Cat tries to get back on his feet (or paws) he looks up and sees the Pen looking down on him

Cat: What are you looking at?
Pen: Nothing! A sorry excuse of a cat!
Cat: What?
Pen: Shouldn’t you be out there hunting mice and what not?
Cat: (disgusted) Gross! Why would I do that?

Pen: Because that’s what cats do!
Cat: No it’s not!
Pen: Yes it is! Real cats anyway.
Cat: I am a real cat but I don’t hunt mice, they’re gross and they look funny, and they have diseases. Anyway why are you here?
Pen: Just here to mess with you a little
Cat: (to himself) I was so good!
Pen: You know, talking to yourself isn’t really a good thing. Maybe you should see a shrink?

Cat: What do you want?
Pen: Just came by to say Hi! Jeeze, the hostility!
Cat: That’s because you drive me insane.
Pen: I drive you insane? Have you ever stopped to think that the reason I’m here is because you’re already insane?
Cat: What?
Pen: Oh, I’m sorry, my mistake!
Cat: What?

Pen: Assuming you think!
Cat: I do too
Pen: you sure?
Cat: Yes
Pen: what’s two plus two?
Cat: Four!
Pen: Uau! I’m impressed!

Cat: (proud) Really?
Pen: No!

The Cat turns his back on the pen and starts to walk away.

But the Pen follows him.

Pen: I’m sorry, did I upset you?
Cat: Yes you did
Pen: (happy) Really?
Cat: That’s what you wanted isn’t it?
Pen: Well… yeah!
Cat: You know you’re just like my cousin Louie
Pen: (in a girly voice) Pretty?

Cat: No! Annoying!
Pen: Oh, come on Francis, I wasn’t that bad!
Cat: (shocked) How do you know my name?
Pen: Well Francis…
Cat: (really mad) stop calling me that!
Pen: Because I know you hate it!

Cat: How? Only Louie called me that
Pen: You’re really stupid aren’t you?
Cat: No, I’m not. (realizes) Louie?

The Pen goes really close to the Cat and whispers into his ear

Pen: Yes Francis, it’s me!
Cat: Really?
Pen: Ahh… NO!

The Pen jumps and flies over the Cat’s head and leaves a blue stripe on it.

Pen: Now you look nice!
Cat: What do you mean?

The Pen just stares at him. The Cat takes a while but eventually puts his paw on his head. When he looks back he sees the blue ink.

The Cat rushes to the mirror.

Cat: (freaking out) My beautiful fur. It’s ruined!
Pen: look at the bright side, now you can join a rock band, or is it a cat band?
Cat: I hate you!

The cat looks at the mirror again and sees the blue stripe.

Cat: I’m not feeling so good!
Pen: Like I said, Drama Queen!

The Cat turns around

Cat: (mad) You…

But the Pen is gone.

Cat: Where did he go? Hello? Annoying Pen?

The cat turns back to the mirror and examines his fur one last time before falling to the floor.

Cat: (almost crying) My beautiful fur!

And he falls asleep.


2015_Joana Teixeira


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