The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 2

The cat is laying down when all of a sudden he hears a noise.
He lifts his head and sees the pen!

Cat: oh good lord it can’t be!

The cat goes to the pen.

Cat: (almost crying) oh no!
Pen: yeah baby! I’m back!
Cat: why?
Pen: what? Don’t tell me you didn’t miss me?
Cat: I didn’t!

Pen: oh come on! You don’t mean that?
Cat: yes I do!
Pen: (very excited) well too bad! Boo hoo to you ‘cause I’m back!
Cat: what are you doing here?
Pen: Nothing much!

Cat: Piss me off a little?
Pen: Precisely!
Cat: I knew it!
Pen: sure you did ‘cause you’re really …. (hesitates)
Cat: I’m really what?

Pen: well, I was going to say smart but I don’t want to lie to you! truth is you’re kind of stupid.
Cat: what did you call me?’
Pen: stupid, dumm, ret…
Cat: yeah I got the picture! But… I am not stupid or dumm!
Pen: sure you are.
Cat: what?
Pen: it’s not you’re fault. You’re totally white which is the equivalent of blonde human females!

Cat: yeah well I’m not a girl!
Pen: are sure about that?
Cat: yes! (looks to check) I’m sure about that!
Pen: okay! drama queen much!
Cat: I am not a drama queen! (thinks) I do like the theatre though! and drama is… (looks at the pen, she’s annoyed) you’re pissing me off you do know that right?

Pen: no! really? you’re not just saying that for me to go away? Are you?
Cat: well you are pissing me off so yeah!
Pen: just checking!
Cat: so are you going to away?
Pen: well I guess I could go…

Cat: yes…
Pen: or I could stay here and bug you just a little more!
Cat: No!
Pen: why not?
Cat: look, I’m tired!
Pen: ooh… is it biddy bey bed time already for you?
Cat: what? No! my brain hurts!
Pen: right! you’re not used to using it!

The cat is speechless and looks mad.

Pen: I’ll go… you need your rest… at your age…
Cat: my age? What are you talking about? I’m three years old…
Pen: sure you are! bye now…

The pen turns away.

Cat: hey come back here! We are not over… (to himself) I am three years old… well I think … I only know how to count to three… are there more?

The End!!!

2015_Joana Teixeira


2 thoughts on “The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 2

  1. Lmfaooo, “my brain hurts.”
    “You’re not used to using it” 😂😁😃😅😆
    Joana, you are soo good!! Publish, make a cartoon, mini-clips, something, I visualize the characters and laugh to myself. Do get this published!!

    Liked by 1 person

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